Meesters van de Schaduw #2020

Meesters van de Schaduw By Daniel Abraham Henny van Gulik Meesters van de Schaduw Het fantasydebuut van een groot talent De Andat zijn natuurkrachten die door de Po ten gebonden kunnen worden en belichaamd in menselijke vorm De handel in de Zomersteden is afhankelijk geworden van h
  • Title: Meesters van de Schaduw
  • Author: Daniel Abraham Henny van Gulik
  • ISBN: 9789022546819
  • Page: 350
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Meesters van de Schaduw By Daniel Abraham Henny van Gulik
    Meesters van de Schaduw By Daniel Abraham Henny van Gulik Het fantasydebuut van een groot talent De Andat zijn natuurkrachten die door de Po ten gebonden kunnen worden en belichaamd in menselijke vorm De handel in de Zomersteden is afhankelijk geworden van hen De langverwachte crisis komt als de Andat Zaadloos erin lijkt te slagen zijn meester, de Po et Heshai kvo, tot waanzin te drijven en zo zijn vrijheid te herwinnen Tot oHet fantasydebuut van een groot talent De Andat zijn natuurkrachten die door de Po ten gebonden kunnen worden en belichaamd in menselijke vorm De handel in de Zomersteden is afhankelijk geworden van hen De langverwachte crisis komt als de Andat Zaadloos erin lijkt te slagen zijn meester, de Po et Heshai kvo, tot waanzin te drijven en zo zijn vrijheid te herwinnen Tot overmaat van ramp raakt Heshai kvo s leerling Maati betrokken bij een complot om de stad ten val te brengen Met hem is Otah, zijn voormalige leermeester, die door de dood van zijn broers plots de opvolger van de heerser van de stad lijkt te zijn geworden Daniel Abraham is zonder twijfel een van de grootste nieuwe talenten van de nieuwe lichting fantasyauteurs De Andat bevat geloofwaardige personages, magie en avontuur, politieke intriges, verteld met een fijn gevoel voor drama.
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      350 Daniel Abraham Henny van Gulik
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    • Daniel Abraham Henny van Gulik

      Daniel James Abraham, pen names M.L.N Hanover and James S.A Corey, is an American novelist, comic book writer, screenwriter, and television producer He is best known as the author of The Long Price Quartet and The Dagger and the Coin fantasy series, and with Ty Franck, as the co author of The Expanse series of science fiction novels, written under the joint pseudonym James S.A Corey.

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    • Glad I picked up this book from Daniel Abraham his first Be warned, it is a slow and subtle novel, and the magic isn t in your face While the book does start off in a school type setting familiar to fantasy fans, it soon passes and what is left is relatively absent of the tropes and ideas that would quickly draw in fantasy fans searching for George Martin grittiness, Brandon Sanderson magical flair, or JRR Tolkien scale.I applaud the effort, bravery, and skill it takes to do a fantasy novel like [...]

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    • I must admit I expected to find this story tedious, as I often do multi volume fantasy epics But I was very pleasantly surprised Daniel Abraham s world building is top tier, and his characters are complex and realistic There are no moral absolutes here, thankfullyI ve always despised broad strokes of black and white laid out to clue the reader in to good and evil This is one of my biggest pet peeves with fantasy literature in general The reader is just as likely to feel genuine empathy for a vil [...]

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    • Lemmed at 29%.Daniel Abraham isn t for me This is the second book I ve read by him where I couldn t get emotionally invested in the characters the other being The Dragon s Path There s nothing unlikable about them but there s nothing that makes me want to pick this book up and spend time with these people The only one I liked was Amat, a 58 year old overseer accountant but I was totally turned off after view spoiler she was beaten and called a cunt I hate that kind of stuff and it seemed so unne [...]

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    • S alright Annoyed that certain literary personages, who are apparently of some economic and narrative importance, are not under armed guard at all times Rather liked the postures gestures Had a hard time getting too interested in the nauseating adolescent lust plot, and am hoping that one of the adolescents doesn t turn out to be both a hidden monarch and a member of the pokemon master club Loved the other plot, regarding the consigliere The pokemon was slick, and the text could ve meditated on [...]

    • Per usual with Mr Abraham s work, I really enjoyed this one Clever world building and an engaging plot, the first of this series flew by Looking forward to the rest of them.

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    • Really cool world building combined with a story that I really didn t care about But the world was quite cool, did I mention that

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