Bonding #2020

Bonding By C.B. Conwy Bonding Ever wondered why love stories talk about finding your better half Matt hadn t really Not until humanity got its biggest surprise ever the arrival of intelligent life from space The Himika may look r
  • Title: Bonding
  • Author: C.B. Conwy
  • ISBN: 9781610401586
  • Page: 225
  • Format: ebook
  • Bonding By C.B. Conwy
    Bonding By C.B. Conwy Ever wondered why love stories talk about finding your better half Matt hadn t, really Not until humanity got its biggest surprise ever the arrival of intelligent life from space The Himika may look reassuringly human, but their unexplained behavior and eerie silence have strained relations between human and alien.When Matt is harvested kidnapped by the HimikEver wondered why love stories talk about finding your better half Matt hadn t, really Not until humanity got its biggest surprise ever the arrival of intelligent life from space The Himika may look reassuringly human, but their unexplained behavior and eerie silence have strained relations between human and alien.When Matt is harvested kidnapped by the Himika, he s terrified Nothing makes sense until he wakes up wrapped in Pietr s arms Pietr may be the most annoying, smug, sarcastic humanoid Matt has ever met He s also Matt s bonded mate Plato was right Everybody really does have a better half, and against everyone s better judgment, it seems Pietr belongs with Matt.But learning how to communicate the Himiko way preferably without killing himself or Pietr in the process is hard, and Matt s mentor, Aki, might be even aggravating than Pietr It doesn t help when Matt develops powers that not even the Himika understand Matt isn t sure he s going to make it or if he ll have to let Pietr go in order to keep his mate safe and sane.
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      Doing relatively sane and responsible things during the day, I m always looking forward to coming home to see what my characters have been up to It s only very rarely what I want them to do, but there you go I have no problems whatsoever reading both Flaubert and smut although not at the same time , and the only thing I like than chocolate is a good comfort read.To me, the best thing about writing is the rush it s almost a physical high when you re writing and it s going well As for the worst part Nobody ever told me that fictional characters do exactly as they please All that talk about the author s intention This author is running around, desperately trying to figure out what my heroes want to do and then coaxing everybody into something vaguely resembling a consistent plot Sigh.

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    • This is one of the most imaginative sci fi books I have read in a long time And I hesitate to even call it sci fi maybe futuristic is a better label The fact that aliens are involved definitely makes it sci fi, and the discover of their unique mental abilities confirms that, but the focus and point of the story are so much about the human condition that it felt like a psychological journey or exploration of the human condition.Matt is definitely in for some major surprises when he gets picked u [...]

    • There was so much wrong with this book construct wise, and yet, I loved this book SO MUCH It s so damn frustrating Because I wanted to rate this book much higher, but if we re talking about technicalities, it needed to be lower I ended up rating it in the middle Still, it was a good read and I ll be buying the next in the series.The biggest flaw with this book was there was no plot It was a world where humans live with aliens and there was NO zip, zero, zilch world building Matt would get angry [...]

    • I couldn t get into this one at all 40 pages in and I still had no real sense of what the Himiko actually looked like, other than the fact that they had pointy ears Then the two main characters look into each others eyes andWHAM ey re instantly bonded and jumping into the sack together That pretty much killed any interest and anticipation for me, in regards to the romance But what ultimately made me decide to quit was the corny, juvenile dialogue, which only got worse once the sex scene began.

    • 4.5 stars An amazing m m scifi romance with very imaginative use of the mate bonding theme and an interesting alien occupation plot Matt is harvested by the alien race Himiko that has recently made contact with earth Humans have started to become suspicious of the aliens since the abducted humans have either never returned or been found later suffering from a complete mental collapse So Matt is petrified when he s taken and fights back viciously A chance meeting with a Himiko Pietr results in an [...]

    • Oh my god, it s so horrible DNF and returned to Bipolar, illogical, immature characters who are supposed to be around 30 years old and many inconsistencies, e.g the narrator knowing things like someone s name or that this alien is his mate before being told, then two sentences later asking what the guy s name is or being surprised when the alien calls him mate This book needs serious editing for consistency Hell maybe just scrap it and start fresh, cause the idea and the world building had poten [...]

    • Updated review Himiko Bonding is a story set in current times, with a futuristic theme In this alternate world, aliens in the form of the Himika have already made contact I really enjoyed how CB used the background of our own planet to create the scenes for this novel Doing this made it really easy for me to connect with the characters and the emotions they felt, making the whole sci fi scenario feel real.Matt is a professor of architecture His preoccupation with the Himika stems from friends i [...]

    • I really wanted to like the book, but I finally stopped at 60% because I couldn t bear it any The plot is something I always wanted to read Human Matt finds his soulmate with the Himiko Pietr But what follows is a sex romp without any true meaning With a lot of fantasy I can accept that apparently the Himiko physiology is exact the same as the human one except for the pointed ears hello Vulcan anyone , which for one doesn t make sense and also makes the sex kinda boring because I admit I had hop [...]

    • I loved this book two parts Be prepared that you will want to start the second book Warrior right after you finish one In my case, that was 12am and I finished book two at 2 30am My first huge CAVAET about this book, it is a bit pornish in the realm of erotica What I mean by that is that there is a large amount of sex scenes and the plot starts us off with a bonding moment that means instant love and sex.Not that it is a bad thing, but if that part bothers you then you might not want to read thi [...]

    • The cover is stupid The narration in the beginning is really stiff and awkward It speeds through a lot of the salient points regarding the universe and fantasy species, which I think could have used with a little bit elaboration, although the way it s written, any elaboration would have been clunky Hmmquite a conundrum Without clarification, it s a bit esoteric With , it would be info dump y sighOdd gimmicks, awkward gimmicks, kind of really stupid gimmicks.I m starting to dislike the ties in [...]

    • I really liked the beginning of this story Matt was interesting, well developed character, with hot temperament and anger issues Which were understandable considering, him being angry at aliens for being kidnapped.But the way Matt and Pietr bonded, seen each other fleetingly, just two times, before Matt crazily declared being Piertr s mate, didn t make this romance genuine And don t let me talk about feelings and emotions This instant romantic development made the story bad It simply wasn t real [...]

    • From reading the blurb I expected something gritty maybe harsh But in stead I got rather angsty read which I quite liked You will only like it too if you are a fan of the instant bonded mate theme otherwise this book will be completely lost on you The book is as the blurb describes, about finding their way into this mated bond thing and the powers are telepathy and telekinesis, Matt learns how the deal with those.I would have liked to know Pietr a bit , we don t get any info about him at all And [...]

    • 99% gizmo free science fiction that takes the mate bonding thing to the extreme.Alluring and creepy at the same time Himiko Bonding surely isn t a book for everyone.

    • Humanity is not alone in the universe People were excited and welcomed the aliens call Himiko to earth But as time went by humans became wary of the Himiko with their pointed ears and their silence They may look human but they are not and now humans are just realizing it Himiko are recruiting people though most thought of it as harvesting or kidnapping because people they took disappeared, not to be heard from again There were stories of people who got away, their humanity lost, sent to psychia [...]

    • In terms of reading enjoyment, this is a pretty fun book to read Sure, there s this alien race that s kidnapping humans but it turns out that they don t really mean anything evil by it, they re just going about their efforts in a deeply stupid way After being harvested himself, the MC Matt very accidentally bonds with one of the aliens, Pietr think the infamous fated insta mate shifter crap From there, we follow Matt on his journey of learning about his new abilities he is given a brain implant [...]

    • I loved this book But, I should start by admitting it isn t the best writing I have ever seen No obvious mistakes, but a lot of the ideas aren t as clever as it thinks they are and the sex often seems to involve impossible jumbles of limbs and flexibility.But it is the first book I have read which presented a real, believable, involving sci fi fantasy world with hot, erotic, explicit sex and romance The world was complete and good enough to inspire people to speculate about other things that cou [...]

    • 3.5 starsAn intriguing start, but you can definitely tell that this is Part 1 of one whole book There s no traditional plot structure, and only even a hint at the larger plot to come While I liked the story, it is quite detailed about the bonding, some of which seemed a bit repetitive to me The story could also have done with a little detail about the Himiko s origins, their arrival on earth, and their overall goals While the last seems to be something that will be explored further in the next [...]

    • I don t know what to writeI just didn t see the point with the story I thought that this was going to be about the wrongness of kidnapping and forcing someone to be something they re not but it s really just a lovestory without any real conflict I mean I would have been furious if someone was going to alter my brain but Matt just smiles and says go ahead make me into something else so that the man I looked in the eyes once and then was bonded to likes me better Then there is one scary guy and I [...]

    • This is a very difficult book to review It is very character driven and there are than a few consistency errors Having humans and aliens bond was unusual in this world, but it happened and the human happened to excel at being a mate and learning the alien ways At times it was very interesting and enjoyable and then it would just feel like you wanted to toss it out the window because there just wasn t enough information for the story to flow Then, it just ended Still deciding if I will read the [...]

    • I just couldn t read this It all started ok and it was even promising but all of a sudden the human saw an alien and went all crazy yelling my mate and so on Afterwards it went on like one of the bad werewolf insta love stories Right off the bat they re in love and would be willing to have brain surgery for the other I could accept a reaction like that from the alien, but from the human the very man that up to that point feared and strongly disliked aliens

    • This book had all the makings of a story I d really enjoy aliens, forced bonding, prn, etc Except, the story fell really short My biggest problem might have been the way in which the book was written It just felt excedingly long Like the events could have easily been compressed and you d have had the same feeling Would have given this only one star, but the author added in a second mated pair which I enjoyed reading about a lot .

    • 3.5This book kept me reading,although I m not sure why.The premise was great,but I wanted to know about this new world, it seemed the title is very fitting, it s all about the Bonding.But, I ll definitely read the second book, and hope for world building and some answers to all the questions left in the first book.

    • This was a good read I find sf with human alien encounters appealing , but ended with an unsatisfactory, unfinished feeling I ll probably like it better when if the series is completed I prefer a series with stand alone novels or having the entire series to read at once.

    • DNF at 33% It s just so boring The book blurb sounds amazing because I love the alien aspect but nothing really happen

    • I have been in a m m romance mood lately and have not been able to switch genre for the past several months This was a cute story and super imaginative I fell in love with all of the characters and Matt and Pietr are a sweet couple This is an instant love type book since it is a mate bonding between two species Pietr is part of an alien species that has been watching over Earth and decided to come to Earth and Matt is a human who is harvested because of his psychic ability that he did not even k [...]

    • 3.75 starsI started this book with pretty high expectations Based on the blurb, this is the type of story I love to read alien contact, humans captured and harvested, great world building etc Well the alien contact part was right and the harvesting to a much lesser degree than I anticipated The rest, not so much The story opened with the information that a year after humans found out they weren t alone in the universe everything changed for them, and not in a positive way During that first year [...]

    • Well, ringing in 2016 with a confusing one Here we go I feel like I was given a different book than the blurb suggested to me It s incredibly difficult to say if that s even a good thing, because while I dislike the jarring wait, this isn t feeling I got, I did like some of the tone plot differences since they were unique to the science fiction cross cultural relationship plots that are out there sort of However, it was also disappointing, because this book did not get fleshed out properly Some [...]

    • As a scifi fantasy lover, I found this to be an interesting story with a fascinating setting However, having picked this from a post apocalyptic list, in my opinion, this has nothing to do with a desolate or bleak setting so I was constantly wondering why this book was put on that list.Regardless, I liked the overall story I loved the world that it s based around and how aliens Himika have invaded Earth, trying to communicate with them and ended up making humans fear them instead I adored most o [...]

    • Sci fi MM romance with an alien abduction.The aliens Himiko have arrived on Earth and instead of bringing peace and love, they are kidnapping humans and turning them into gibbering idiots Matt is kidnapped whilst giving a lecture at the architectural institute The aliens take him to a holding center, where he sees his fellow humans in various stages of distress At that point, I thought the story was going to take a dark turn.unfortunately it did not.Instead Matt freaks out and somehow ends up be [...]

    • This book was the following Cute, fluffy It misses some points I expected to be addressed, but maybe will be brought to light in the next book It was repetitive, and really didn t go anywhere plot or story wise I felt like I was reading about a perfect couple and their perfect life with little issues that make you say one of the following Oh, Honey I feel so sorry for him Look how cute he is Look how cute they are Look how possessive he is Awwww, and then after a while, yeaup I predict a romp wi [...]

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