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Admissions By Nancy Lieberman Admissions This sharply observed and bitingly funny novel exposes the over the top absurdity of New York City s elite private school admissions circus For Manhattan s most affluent parents the Tuesday after Lab
  • Title: Admissions
  • Author: Nancy Lieberman
  • ISBN: 9780446695893
  • Page: 310
  • Format: Paperback
  • Admissions By Nancy Lieberman Admission Definition of Admission by Merriam Webster Note In civil cases admissions are often agreed to and offered in writing to the court before trial as a method of reducing the number of issues to be proven at trial. Admission Definition of Admission at Dictionary Admission definition, the act of allowing to enter entrance granted by permission, by provision or existence of pecuniary means, or by the removal of obstacles the admission of foreign aid workers into the zone of active conflict See . Admission Mar , Directed by Paul Weitz With Tina Fey, Paul Rudd, Nat Wolff, Gloria Reuben A Princeton admissions officer who is up for a major promotion takes a professional risk after she meets a college bound alternative school kid who just might be the son she gave up years ago in a secret adoption. The Office of Admissions at the University of Florida Admissions personnel are available by phone or email during regular business hours View all UF COVID updates and FAQ Go Further Go Greater Go Gators Admissions Admissions The Office of Admissions is working remotely until further notice due to COVID If you have any questions, or if you want to schedule a phone virtual appointment with one of our admissions counselors, contact us at or admission uiwtx. Admissions Office of Admissions Changes due to COVID For information on the University of Utah s response to COVID visit Admissions Admissions SUNY Oswego Graduate Admissions Our institution has been delivering graduate education for over years Today, we offer than professional, innovative programs each designed by devoted faculty to offer a deeper understanding to students searching for personal and professional advancement. Admissions Florida International University Florida International University is a top ranked public research university in Miami, Florida Offering over degree program, FIU is consistently rated as a best value for our low tuition and quality education Visit our campuses to experience FIU. Admissions Volunteer State Community College Admissions Vol State is being proactive to ensure the safest environment for our students, employees, and community in response to COVID We are encouraging all students and guests to reach out through an online method You may text us at or email the department, check the details below.
    Admissions By Nancy Lieberman This sharply observed and bitingly funny novel exposes the over the top absurdity of New York City s elite private school admissions circus For Manhattan s most affluent parents, the Tuesday after Labor Day marks the beginning of the city s most competitive and vicious blood sport the start of the private school admissions process But for Helen Drager, mother of Zoe, itThis sharply observed and bitingly funny novel exposes the over the top absurdity of New York City s elite private school admissions circus For Manhattan s most affluent parents, the Tuesday after Labor Day marks the beginning of the city s most competitive and vicious blood sport the start of the private school admissions process But for Helen Drager, mother of Zoe, it shouldn t be such an ordeal After all, Helen s best friend Sara is an admissions officer at Zoe s current K 8 But Sara s position becomes precarious, and Helen soon finds herself drawn ever deeper into the mounting lunacy generated by the fierce competition.
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      310 Nancy Lieberman
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    About “Nancy Lieberman

    • Nancy Lieberman

      I was born in Elizabeth New Jersey in 1955 In 1964 my family made a radical decision to relocate to Kailua Hawaii where I went to school barefoot, took hula lessons and learned to play the ukulele In 1969 we moved again to Los Altos California, which at that time was the verdant apricot capital of the United States Valley I attended Los Altos High School in the early 1970 s, a time when public schools in California had a reputation for excellence and few parents sent their children to private school I went on to Vassar College, which had recently turned coed, and spent my junior year abroad in Florence Italy where I became conversant in Italian and enad by Renaissance painting When I graduated from college in 1977 I moved to New York City, where I lived ever since, and began a career in the arts In 1983, I naively started a business My new business partner and I opened Lieberman and Saul Gallery in Soho and specialized in photography We were lucky in that we were early comers to a field that was to explode over the next decade and we were able to make a name for ourselves I left the business in 1991 after my daughter was born, having made the difficult decision to devote time to being a mother Over the next ten years I wore various hats in the art photography world, including that of curator, appraiser and auction house specialist After navigating my way through the complexities of the admissions process, my daughter was admitted to a New York City private school No sooner had we settled in than I was called upon to head up the annual fund raising auction, chair the Parent s Association and join the Board of Trustees These experiences opened my eyes to a world I had never known existed the world of privileged, neurotic New York parents obsessed with their children s education I ve always been a voracious reader and, like many, often found myself thinking that, one day, I would love to write a novel After my daughter was admitted to school and the dreaded process was behind me, I frequently regaled dinner guests with amusing admissions anecdotes and discovered that people were fascinated by my stories and also anxious to share their equally outrageous tales Inevitably, each of these conversations ended with my saying something like this could be a novel My husband, having heard me say this dozens of times, encouraged me to write one So I did ADMISSIONS is my first novel and I am currently at work on my second I live in Manhattan with my husband and my daughter.

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    • Thrift store pick It was a far cry from a good book, yet I read it from cover to cover which is actually sort of embarrassing I suppose I have a weird fascination with the lives of really rich people.

    • If someone else has already coined this term, apologies for not giving them credit, but this is the best way to describe this book and others of its type that I could come up with here Like chick lit these books are chock full of characters that are toxic than a nuclear waste dump shallow, pretentious, amoral, obnoxious and concerned about a latte spill on their Armani suit than say, the war in Iraq Most books of this sort take place in a Big City, almost always New York apparently the only ci [...]

    • I am a dork I love books like this as I never really had to go through anything like this People that torture themselves with this interest me to no end This book was about the applying to private high schools in NYC, which is slightly different then most books like this, which would focus on college, so the difference was kind of good Still over done about WHO THE HELL CARES subjects that I find weirdly interesting But that doesn t stop me from wanting to scream, CALM THE FUCK DOWN The one thin [...]

    • This is a strange cross between The Devil Wears Prada and Nanny Diaries starring The Real Housewives of NYC The only characters I liked were the 14 year olds and Michael, the Dad I tried to like the main characters Sara and Helen, but each time I would start to warm to them, their shallow personalities, often revealed by a snarky remark, brought on my disdain Lieberman s substitution of descriptive names for schools real names examples The Fancy Girls School and The Bucolic Campus School is hila [...]

    • I wish I had read Admissions by Nancy Lieberman back in 2004 when it first came out, as it now seems dated The underpinnings of the Manhattan private school admissions process were clearly written by someone with experience in this echelon I could almost see the editor s notes saying add humor as many sections ended with a literary groaner The Times was very generous likening it to The Devil Wears Prada or Nanny Diaries And while I was looking for a light read, these characters were painted with [...]

    • Loved this book Very entertaining, very humorous A goodlight read Nancy Lieberman takes a subject that is, by anyone NOT fro New York, would find almost unbelievable The way the parents of children vie and compete for placement in the best schools is a subject that would never enter the mind of an ordinary parent of a child in any other city If Ms Liberman can come up with a subject as entertaining as Admissions and carry off her comical writing style with another book, I m there

    • This was a fun read for entertainments sake It was not as cut throat as I expected and conflicts in the book seemed to resolve before they came to a climax, which did make the story less predictable.

    • A very typical parody of life in the Big Apple But this time, it s school admissions The story did not go the way I expected it to.

    • i feel like i should have a section devoted to nyc chick lit, but anyway this isn t about getting your kid into preschool likeThe Ivy Chronicles this is about a family that has a daughter who needs to get into high school, a best friend who is an admissions director for a K 8 school, and the crazy ways people try to get into school it s fairly depressing, in a way, that so little is on the actual merit of the child when portrayed in this type of light however the story has crazy twists with the [...]

    • readingchallenge2016 my book based on the cover admittedly based on the title and cover equally Working in a school, I was excited by the notion of reading the dirty behind the scenes lives of those aggressive, self entitled parents I m all too familiar with The book started strong I became invested in the characters I could relate to aspects in every sense I was frustrated by the attitudes and comparing what I would do in real life This made it a quick read I just wanted to know of the pieces. [...]

    • The author is the daughter of a friend of mine, and so I really had to read this book I was pleasantly surprised at how funny I found it, and how much it reminded me of that high energy, striving and driven Manhattan world I left The author has a really wonderful wit, and her names for familiar NYC institutions were so clever I finished it very quickly, really in 24 hours, as it was light reading It does get a bit tiring after the half way point to read about such spoiled, rich people with such [...]

    • je komt het heel vaak tegen in boeken, de stress van amerikaanse ouders om hun kind op een bepaalde school te krijgen Nu dus een heel boek over dit thema saai het begin is idd behoorlijk saai en erg langdradig, want je kan natuurlijk niet oneindig vertellen over het systeem, maar eens je door het saaie stuk door ben, nemen de zijverhalen de overhand en komt er echt wel wat meer vaart in het boek Ik kan niet zeggen dat ik dit boek een 2de keer ga lezen, maar ben wel blij dat ik het uiteindelijk h [...]

    • I thought this was an amusing but of satire until I started to bump into friends and neighbors who were actually exhibiting these behaviors The day I sat in the coffeeshop, praying for an out of body experience while 3 otherwise sane pals casually discussed the 5 figure deposits they were putting down for kindergarten for the toddlers, I realized the world truly had gone mad I contemplated slipping copies of this one into their strollers, but I don t want to have to move.

    • so I am not sure I should have marked this read but I am sorry I spent the 1.99 to buy this book I had just finished another book and it was the advertised special on my kindle s screen saver I had thought that since there is a movie coming out is out based on this bookI just can t get through it I only made it 30%t exactly sure why I doesn t hold my interest but it was moving slow and i don t have any patience or empathy for an adulterer.

    • For Manhattan s most affluent parents, the Tuesday after Labor Day marks the beginning of the city s most competitive and vicious blood sport the start of the private school admissions process But for Helen Drager, mother of Zoe, it shouldn t be such an ordeal After all, Helen s best friend Sara is an admissions officer at Zoe s current K 8 But Sara s position becomes precarious, and Helen soon finds herself drawn ever deeper into the mounting lunacy generated by the fierce competition.

    • I picked this book off the library shelf randomly at the start of the summer It was a fun and definitely fluffy read overall The shallow obsession with getting into the right schools could be hilarious particularly when it came to getting into the right kindergarten , but I tended to get frustrated with a lot of the characters for that very reason, which made it hard to get through the book at times Only read it if you are not currently undergoing any kind of admissions process yourself.

    • This was a lot of fun, would have liked it better if I had managed to warm up to the heroine Helen but something about her I found off putting The sad thing is that I know some of these insane Manhattanites who go to extreme measures to secure spots for their children in these exclusive prep schools and for the most part the author is not exaggerating.

    • I came across this book at the dollar store and figured, What the heck s only a dollar I found the book to be surprisingly entertaining It resonated with me because I had just gone through enrolling my child in kindergarten, but the process left me feeling like I was trying to get her into Harvard.

    • This book was amusing and worth reading once I might go back and read it again eventually, but it definitely won t become one of my favorites I loved how she named the schools after what they were known for, like The Fancy Girls School and The Progressive School Despite a few amusing anecdotes, I felt there was something lacking from it.

    • This book, while being light, easy reading sure had a lot going on There was family drama, eating disorders, embezzzlement,and adultery all mixed with plenty of teenage angst amidst a hilarious lampoon of the cutthroat world of upper class urban schooling Especially if you know anyone who works in the world of private education you will find this over the top book to ring just a bit too true.

    • I read this accidentally I thought I was reading the book that the TV show Privileged is based on I was wrong It was an ok book I wouldn t highly recommend it, but I didn t want to poke my eyes out rather than read it either

    • A window into the tiny, uptight world of NYC school admissions, from Pre K to High school Some funny true observations but in the end, didn t love either of the main characters enough to root for them wholeheartedly.

    • I can t understand how this review disappeared since I enjoyed the book so much Unfortunately a year later I can t remember the details that I had put down last time I really liked it though, and wish I could own it.

    • A great light read about what parents will do to get their kids into the right prep school A kind of Devil Wears Prada of the prep school circuit in NYC Perfect for a holiday read by the pool.

    • This book was a blend of several themes that I enjoy Upper class Manhattan and private schools While this book wasn t flawless, it was a fairly quick read that showed how intense parents can be about their child s education.

    • This is a good read about the parents in NYC who are bound and determined to get their child into a good school so he she can get into college Having gone to a private school myself albeit on scholarship , I can relate It is an amusing ride.

    • This is along the same lines as Nanny Dairies and the crazy things some New York familes do to get their kids in the right schools In the end it can t possibly be worth it Easy read for the beach

    • a funny novel on private school admissions in NYCeven if a 1 4 of this is based on reality its a sad commentary on what people will do for the right school but is was a good read.ght and funny and moved quickly

    • This book was laugh out loud funny at times It made me very glad that I m not raising children in New York City The lengths that some of the parents went to in order to secure a spot for their child in their chosen school were unbelievable.

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