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Mouse Count By Ellen Stoll Walsh Mouse Count In this charming companion to Mouse Paint Ellen Stoll Walsh introduces the concept of counting forward and backward in a suspenseful story that will keep young readers guessing The rhythm follows the
  • Title: Mouse Count
  • Author: Ellen Stoll Walsh
  • ISBN: 9780152002237
  • Page: 336
  • Format: Paperback
  • Mouse Count By Ellen Stoll Walsh
    Mouse Count By Ellen Stoll Walsh In this charming companion to Mouse Paint, Ellen Stoll Walsh introduces the concept of counting forward and backward in a suspenseful story that will keep young readers guessing The rhythm follows the illustrations in a glissando one can almost hear the background music The Horn Book
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      Ellen Stoll Walsh Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Mouse Count book, this is one of the most wanted Ellen Stoll Walsh author readers around the world.

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    • In our preschool room we often have the children act out Mouse Count Ten children become mice and one the snake and one a rock with an area marked for the jar Then the children have to act their parts We always read it three or four times to give each child a part in the story When they act out the story they are having a first experience with a play, another way to present pre literacy skills that will help them learn to read and write and enjoy books Plus acting the story makes number sense an [...]

    • Another book from our Kindergarten basics box we got from the library, the kids enjoyed it It goes over counting up to ten A level 1 reading level it s good for any age learning to count and recognize numbers The illustrations are really cute, and it s one of the few counting numbers books that also counts backwards, a valuable skill that should be included in other counting books often.

    • Title Mouse CountAuthor Ellen Stoll WalshIllustrator Genre Concept Book, Counting BookTheme Counting, Mice, Snakes Opening line sentence One fine day, some mice played in the meadow They were careful to watch for snakes Brief Book summary This book allows readers to count along with the hungry snake as her gather ten mice to eat for dinner later that night The snake becomes too greedy and wants and mice, until the mice trick the snake and end up getting away This story offers forward and backw [...]

    • This book is about ten mice that were playing They ended up falling asleep, which got them into some trouble While they are sleeping, a snake takes them and places them all into a jar After getting those mice, the snake still wanted When the mice wake up, they trick the snake into thinking there were of them and the snake should go looking While the snake is searching, the mice are able to escape.This was a good book The illustrations were not exciting to me, but the book illustrated easy coun [...]

    • A sneaky snake is slithery through the meadow one day, when he comes across the jar He has the idea that he can use that jar to count his dinner, mice, and before he eats them The sneaky snake counts all 10 of his mice up, one by one as he puts them into a jar, little did the snake know the mice have a trick up their sleeve, and escape the jar unharmed This early concept book gets the concept across in a cute, simple manner.

    • I m a little disappointed I was so looking forward to watching a snake consume 10 mice in one sitting I mean, previously this week I read a book where the distribution of seeds through a bird s digestive track was euphemistically explained so deftly that even the meaning was lost on my listener This book was going to deliver Sigh It did not And yet, it left the impression that mice are capable of problem solving Yuck.

    • This was on a list from my son s kindergarten teacher for suggested reading materials This was greatly enjoyed by my son, who read it several times I loved seeing how happy it made him when reading and the enjoyment he got not realizing he was actually learning He is definitely a Punting machine

    • A simple and charming book introducing math and science for younger children Find out how many mice one greedy snake can collect for its meal Readers have a chance to review their counting and find out how a group of smart mice change their fate through the laws of motion.

    • Genre Modern Fantasy Grade KI love this book I could definitely use this in a kindergarten class to introduce counting to the class Absolutely adore this book I have so many ideas rushing through my head when I think of lesson plans for this book.

    • Simple counting book while highlighting nature mice and snake Fun simple to read and easy for younger children to follow

    • Ten little, warm, and tasty mice are caught unaware by a hungry snake as they sleep, and as events unfold, the narrative illustrates the theme that greed can be detrimental to achieving one s goals Not only does this book teach counting to ten backward as well as forward, since the mice uncount themselves near the end, it also can be used to teach basic addition in an early elementary school classroom as the snake encounters the mice in groups of three or four and adds groups of mice together Th [...]

    • I love how much I was able to talk about the different elements in this book with the groups of kids I read this to, starting right away with the cover I read this book 6 times this past week to 6 different groups of kids, including to one group who I didn t think would sit still for it It was a success each time.

    • Title Mouse Count Author Ellen Stoll WalshIllustrator Ellen Stoll WalshGenre Counting BookTheme Counting, outsmarting enemies, greed is bad.Opening Sentence One fine day, some mice played in the meadow.Brief Book Summary A lot of mice decide to take a nap at the same time A snake comes along and puts them in a jar for dinner and counts them up The mice wake up and trick the snake into going after just one mouse, and they all escape Professional Review 1 32 pp Harcourt Harcourt Trade Publishers [...]

    • Genre Counting Book referenced on page 73 of text Summary One hungry snake has found ten tasty mice to trap within a jar with intentions of eating them The mice then trick the snake and escape This book is a cute way to practice counting to ten both forwards and backwards.a The strongest element is the clever way the author incorporated counting into her plot b Ellen Walsh, the author, created a plot that could feature counting She set the stage in the beginning of the story as a story rather th [...]

    • Picture Book Critique 13Mouse CountAdapted by Ellen Stoll Walsh1 Picture Book Genre Counting2 Brief Summary Mouse Count assists students in learning how to count from 1 to 10 and also to count backwards from 10 to 1 as it follows the story of 10 young mice that are playing in the meadow A very hungry snake finds the mice sleeping and collects them one by one and places them in a large jar After placing all ten mice in the jar one of the clever, little mice points to a large rock and tells the sn [...]

    • Genre CountingSummary A snake finds a jar and fills it with ten mice The mice trick the snake into thinking there was another mouse to add to the jar and the mice escaped, leaving the snake hungry Critique A PlotB This counting book had an excellent plot The book begins with mice looking out for snakes When the mice get sleepy they forget about looking for snakes and take a nap A snake then finds a jar and decides to find dinner and fill the jar with it The snake then discovers the sleeping mice [...]

    • I reviewed this book for the counting category picture book assignment The source was the textbook for this course The Joy of Children s Literature, Second Edition by Denise Johnson on page 73.A very hungry snake goes looking for food when he finds sleeping mice to fill his belly As the snake finds each mouse, he puts the mouse into a jar and counts him However, the snake gets too greedy in the end and winds up losing his meal in a great mouse escape.The illustrations in this book are simple and [...]

    • Textbook The Joy of Children s Literature P 73Genre Counting BookSummary In this entertaining story a hungry snake is in search for dinner when he finds some mice How many will be enough Count along with him as he catches mice and puts them in a jar Is it too late for the mice Figure out will be clever, the snake or the mice A The framed illustrations allow the story to flow fluidly enabling the reader to be able to read and be able to look at each illustration to follow the story and count alo [...]

    • Citation Mouse Count, by Ellen Stoll Walsh Harcourt, 1991 29 pages Counting Picture book.Summary Mice playing in the field get sleepy, and while sleeping, get captured in a jar by a hungry snake As the snake is preparing to eat the mice, they convince him to fill up the jar with one , big mouse The mice are able to use the opportunity to safely escape from the snake.Critique a In this colorful picture book, the use of cut paper media creates truly memorable and attractive illustrations.b Walsh s [...]

    • 1 This book was counting book.2 This book is about a greedy snake that is counting mice to see how many to eat The snake counts the mice throughout the story to see how many he can eat, and then when the mice escape, they count to see how many get away 3 A This book is very accurate because it a very simple book and gives the students the opportunity to learn and in this case the pages are simple so the students can count the mice and learn their numbers B This book is very appropriate for a chi [...]

    • This book is about a group of mice that are about to get eaten by a greedy snake while they are sleeping Once they wake up, they realize they are about to get eaten by the snake and attempt to escape by telling the snake that there is another big mouse off in the distance that he should get since he is very hungry While the snake is slithering off to find this big mouse the other mice in the jar end up escaping The snake finds out that this big mouse ended up being nothing but a rock He ends up [...]

    • Mouse Count is a counting book for ages two to six A hungry snake finds an empty jar and wants to fill it with dinner, which happen to be ten sleeping mice This would be a great story to recreate with children using a felt board You would make the characters, and the jar out of felt, and have each child bring up one mouse and put them in the jar When it is time for the mice to escape, those children who haven t participated yet would take each mouse out of the jar while counting backwards Only t [...]

    • 1 This book belongs in the counting picturebooks genre 2 A snake is very hungry and collects his dinner, ten mice, in a jar 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 However, the clever mice quickly uncount themselves in their escape 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 3 The area for this critique is plot The plot of this book is written for a low level reader It is very easy to follow using easy vocabulary The simple illustrations aid in comprehension of the plot.The story quickly unfolds and on the first page, [...]

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