Myth-Taken Identity #2020

Myth-Taken Identity By Robert Lynn Asprin Jody Lynn Nye Myth Taken Identity Someone or something masquerading as Skeeve the Magnificent is racking up hundreds of thousands of gold pieces of debt It s up to Aahz the Pervect not pervert to find the myth creant and put an end to
  • Title: Myth-Taken Identity
  • Author: Robert Lynn Asprin Jody Lynn Nye
  • ISBN: 9780441013111
  • Page: 242
  • Format: Paperback
  • Myth-Taken Identity By Robert Lynn Asprin Jody Lynn Nye Myth Taken Identity Myth Adventures Asprin, Robert, Nye Jul , This item Myth Taken Identity Myth Adventures by Robert Asprin Mass Market Paperback . Only left in stock order soon Ships from and sold by tcswiz. Myth Taken Identity Myth Adventures, by Robert Lynn Jan , Myth taken Identity pages by Robert Asprin and Jody Lynn Nye In this caper, Aahz, Chumley and Massha go to The Mall to investigate why a bill collector showed up at M.Y.T.H Inc saying that Skeeve had run up an incredibly large bill and not paid it. Myth Taken Identity Myth Taken Identity Someone in The Mall in the dimension of Flibber is impersonating Skeeve, and running up huge bills With the help of Eskina, a Raterrier detective from the dimension of Ratislava, Massha, Chumley, and the local security force, Aahz intends to track down the imposter and make him wish he had never heard Skeeve s name. Quest Myth Taken Identity Wizard Wiki Hints, Guides and Discussions of the Wiki content related to Myth Taken Identity should be placed in the Discussion Topic If the topic isn t already created i.e the link brings you to an empty search then you must create the topic, using the topic naming convention explained here. Robert Asprin Jodi Lynn Nye Myth Taken Identity Moreso than any of the earlier books in the series, Myth Taken Identity appears to herald a new direction for the series While it doesn t seem to have the devil may care attitude of the earlier Customer reviews Myth taken Identity Myth Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Myth taken Identity Myth Adventures at Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users.
    Myth-Taken Identity By Robert Lynn Asprin Jody Lynn Nye Someone or something masquerading as Skeeve the Magnificent is racking up hundreds of thousands of gold pieces of debt It s up to Aahz the Pervect not pervert to find the myth creant and put an end to the shopping spree.
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      242 Robert Lynn Asprin Jody Lynn Nye
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    • Robert Lynn Asprin Jody Lynn Nye

      Robert Lynn Asprin was born in 1946 While he wrote some stand alone novels such as Cold Cash War, Tambu and The Bug Wars and also the Duncan and Mallory Illustrated stories, Bob is best known for his series fantasy, such as the Myth Adventures of Aahz and Skeeve, the Phule s Company novels and the Time Scout novels written with Linda Evans He also edited the groundbreaking Thieves World anthology series with Lynn Abbey Other collaborations include License Invoked set in the French Quarter of New Orleans and several Myth Adventures novels, all written with Jody Lynn Nye.Bob s final solo work was a contemporary fantasy series called Dragons, again set in New Orleans Bob passed away suddenly on May 22, 2008 He is survived by his daughter and son, his mother and his sister.

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    • I ve lost track of what number book this is in the Myth Adventure series number 15 apparently I m not sure that the co writer thing is working too well Much of the humour seems to have disappeared, the plots seem a bit forced and predictable rather than spinning off at a tangent , and there now seems to be an awful lot of repetition Also there are certain inconsistencies from the original series, which I have noticed creeping in Having read the previous books in the series, I shall persevere.Thi [...]

    • The series isn t what it used to be, but it s been going for over 20 years, so you have to expect that Asprin s writing style is submerged in this two author novel, so the pacing can be a bit slow at timesThis novel relies on puns and jokes around shopping malls, suffers from a bit of a lull in the middle, but works as light fantasy reading for a quiet afternoon There s nothing new here, but it s a nice visit with character who have been built up over t5he last 15 books.

    • Maaaan, why do they keep cutting out characters I understand the series has hit a Segway and we are going in new directions with plot and overall story arc but I miss everyone being together yes it s gotten to that point MYTH inc took so long to form and then it just disbanded after a few books There are still several books to go in this series, so let s hope everyone gets back to where they are suppose to be, together kicking ass There is always something new to love about the series, new chara [...]

    • M ta s rijas piecpadsmit gr mata ogad esmu atsp ries o s riju pabeigt Laika v l ir diezgan, lai tas notiktu bez piespie an s, un ar uz jauno gr matas l dzautori es lieku lielas cer bas.K du dienu pie za m jas ierodas par du piedzin ji Izr d s, ka Sk vs ir iepircies lielveikal ar viltotu kred tkarti, kura izr d jusies bez seguma Veikalnieki ir nol mu i piedz t simtiem t ksto u zelta gabalu lielo par du zam gribot negribot ir j eras kl t s lietas atrisin anai Vi am ir aizdomas, ka Sk vs nemaz nav [...]

    • Like Myth Alliances, this novel veers from the usual Myth Adventures formula by including first person and third person narration In addition, it tells the first person part of the story from Aahz s point of view, but it doesn t feel like the Aahz from Asprin s solo novels I guess it makes sense we only see Aahz how Skeeve sees him, but now we get to see what s going on with him without seeing him through someone else s perspective.Myth taken Identity feels less pointless than Myth Alliances, bu [...]

    • Myth taken Identity 2004 294 pages by Robert Asprin and Jody Lynn Nye.In this caper, Aahz, Chumley and Massha go to The Mall to investigate why a bill collector showed up at M.Y.T.H Inc saying that Skeeve had run up an incredibly large bill and not paid it They find out that someone or group has been able to somehow use a person s credit card to impersonate that person The book introduces a couple of characters from Aahz s past before he met Skeeve and several that were shopowners, mall securit [...]

    • Good, but way longer than it needed to be.I received this book as a gift from my husband He was poking around on and noticed this series had books We d both thought that was done with since the author Aspirin passed away, but apparently he wrote a few and transitioned the series into the hands of another author Nye before then.Anyhow, about the book It s pretty much what I was expecting a bit of fantasy, a lot of puns, and some humorous multi dimension sleuthing If you like that sort of thing, [...]

    • The Myth series is all about puns, wordplay, magic, and fantasy This one is no different The head of Myth, Inc, is the wizard Skeeve A former Court Magician and spell caster for hire, he is, above all else, a good guy So when people show up claiming he is running up huge bills, his friend Aahz can t, and doesn t, believe it This must be investigated, and so Aahz goes to the Mall.In addition to a scathing send up of people s habits, there are puns, identity theft, the evils of Credit Cards, a mas [...]

    • The book was good and had characters readers of the series are familiar with It also brings in themes from other books the reader is probably familiar with It, as the others, was a light hearted room in fantasy fiction It s a good book to read to get away from the serious novels and non fiction books.

    • I have to give it a solid five It s not as punny as some of the earlier myth books and the magic is toned down But it than makes up by having solid characters rather than placeholders in which to insert puns That s the major change in the myth series from it s early roots to it s later days Just reread this for maybe the 4th time since I found out there were myth books than I imagined I liked the early books which were situational I much prefer the books in which everyone is working at Myth I [...]

    • I ve been re reading the Myth series over the past year I ve probably only read this once before This couldn t hold my interest I m not sure if it s merely a weak story that lacks the elements that made the earlier books compelling A lot of long series usually have a dud Terry Goodkind s 7th book should not exist, frankly it can be skipped with no loss to the full series experience It might also be that it was too superfluous for my reading moods these days I didn t finish this but I m still giv [...]

    • Zase bez Skeeveho skoro Tentokr t to ale ujde Niekto sa v Hypermarkete vyd va za Skeeveho a vytv ra mu dlhy, vym ha i teda kontaktuj Aahza a chc svoje peniaze nasp Aahzovi sa to nezd a tak naber Marfu s Kul ka a vyr aj do sveta extr mnych n kupov a ukradnutej identity Kone ne z ver knihy neoto dej o 180 stup ov na 10 str nkach, ale pr beh a z pletka pekne plynie cez nezdary t mu a k dopadnutiu zlosyna, ktor m je tentokr t cti iadostiv krysa upratova.

    • I think I d have been happier without the Lord of the rings references, but the rest of the concept was amusing.The quotes need to comre back They added something The story coming from Aahz s point of view was a bit jarring, but it was interesting to see how he views situations.

    • One card to rule them all,One card to charge it Ja o klaus s audiogr mat , no t s sasod t s dziesmi as nevar tikt va oreiz Asprins piev rsies kred tkar u kait gajai ietekmei un priec las t jus ar zu gr matas galven varo a lom.Aspr t gi, k jau pierasts, un pat kami ak on gi P rsteidza m tu s rijai neparasts atrisin jums, bez ierast s izvair an s no probl m m un visa izr d anos par p rpratumu.

    • This is the final book in the Myth series that I own and frankly I m happy to be done I lost interest in the series at least four books ago but I m pleased that I ended on this one It was humorous than the last few instalments and I saw a little of that tongue in cheek, funny little tidbits that I had enjoyed in the beginning.

    • A good addition to the Myth series, the satire is still dead on, but one of the characters doesn t make it into this book Love the comments on certain shoppers having worked waaaay too much in a mall.

    • Love this series though the early books are my favorite No Skeeve in this one exactly Mostly Aahz No chapter quotes either Just the theft of various plot lines from other places and spoofed together in the normal mything way.

    • I am not sure what number this book is in the series, but it is one of the later ones The plot is clever and the writing is very funny However, the reader must be familiar with the other myth books to appreciate some of the situations.

    • I have read several books by this author This particular book was not that exciting, but for fantasy it is easy to follow and pretty humorous.

    • Not a bad addition to the Myth series, but I felt it definitely lacked something from the first 6 or so books Worth the read, but not at the same caliber as the first books.

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