The Wapshot Scandal #2020

The Wapshot Scandal By John Cheever Dave Eggers The Wapshot Scandal In this companion volume to The Wapshot Chronicle the members of the Wapshot family of St Botolphs drift far from their New England village into the demented caprices of the mighty the bad graces of
  • Title: The Wapshot Scandal
  • Author: John Cheever Dave Eggers
  • ISBN: 9780060528881
  • Page: 463
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Wapshot Scandal By John Cheever Dave Eggers
    The Wapshot Scandal By John Cheever Dave Eggers In this companion volume to The Wapshot Chronicle, the members of the Wapshot family of St Botolphs drift far from their New England village into the demented caprices of the mighty, the bad graces of the IRS, and the humiliating abyss of adulterous passion.A novel of large and tender vision, The Wapshot Scandal is filled with pungent characters and outrageous twists of fIn this companion volume to The Wapshot Chronicle, the members of the Wapshot family of St Botolphs drift far from their New England village into the demented caprices of the mighty, the bad graces of the IRS, and the humiliating abyss of adulterous passion.A novel of large and tender vision, The Wapshot Scandal is filled with pungent characters and outrageous twists of fate, and, above all, with Cheever s luminous compassion for all his hapless fellow prisoners of human nature.
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      John Cheever was an American novelist and short story writer, sometimes called the Chekhov of the suburbs or the Ovid of Ossining His fiction is mostly set in the Upper East Side of Manhattan, the suburbs of Westchester, New York, and old New England villages based on various South Shore towns around Quincy, Massachusetts, where he was born.His main themes include the duality of human nature sometimes dramatized as the disparity between a character s decorous social persona and inner corruption, and sometimes as a conflict between two characters often brothers who embody the salient aspects of both light and dark, flesh and spirit Many of his works also express a nostalgia for a vanishing way of life, characterized by abiding cultural traditions and a profound sense of community, as opposed to the alienating nomadism of modern suburbia.

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    • The Wapshot Scandal is a logical, or probably illogical, continuation of The Wapshot Chronicle.Children grow up and the problems that used to be their parents become the problems of the grown up children and problems always tend to accrue and multiply Had he come back to relive that moment when he had relinquished the supreme privileges of youth when he had waked feeling less peckery than usual and realized that the doctor had no cure for autumn, no medicine for the north wind The smell of his g [...]

    • This much sustained quirkiness is oppressive, and even the darkness that descended over several plotlines didn t lighten my mood.

    • Let us just say that William Faulkner is not the only middle aged white man who can expertly craft a sentence while keeping the reader engaged and perplexed at the same time This book was like reading a simplier version of As I Lay Dying with out the Southern charm and sophistication It was a good read I liked some of the elegance of the prose Those main characters were not that well developed but their interactions with others drove the story along in a manner where you really don t mind I ll p [...]

    • I realized why I was having difficulty with this elegantly written book when I was about 40% of the way through there is no protagonist Unless you consider an entire family as one.After a brilliantly written first chapter, in which we get a tour around the town of St Botolph s and its inhabitants, with the writer passing the POV like a baton from one character to the other, the story settles on the widely dispersed Family Wapshot Coverley, the scientist, married to man hating and frigid Betsy, l [...]

    • The Wapshot Scandal is a sequel to the Wapshot Chronicles I have not read the latter and I do not think I will be interested in it after what I have expreienced with the current novel John Cheever writes almost always about the American life His characters are troubled in their marriages, house, or with the law Their struggles are what some of us go through in real life The Wapshot Scandal was not different It focuses on the Wapshot family as they struggle to live We all have sorrows which if gi [...]

    • A wonderful, perceptive, poetic, and honest book about the American Dream, in all its guises a Christmas morning in New England, a perfectly clean, upper middle class house where groceries are delivered by attractive young men, a government job with housing provided, to be so rich as to be a benefactress, golden eggs buried for Easter Sunday This is also a book about flights, continental flights, trans Atlantic flights, flights of fancy, ski run flights For the Wapshots, their family, and the ot [...]

    • To me, satisfactory than I will try to delineate Perhaps it s the engagement of a 1970s America In any case, the second novel works for me far better than did the first.

    • This is a continuation of Cheever s earlier book The Wapshot Chronicle it flows almost seamlessly, so it makes sense to read both in succession The list of primary characters is reduced with the death of the boys parents, but the important people are still here.Once again, this is a novel about the times, in this case the late 50s early 60s Satire is high, but done well that it isn t always comedic I liked that The military committees removing security status at Coverly s missile base is a wonde [...]

    • Continuing the story begun in The Wapshot Chronicle a fantastic book, and one I liked a sight better than this one , author Cheever uses the Wapshot boys, Moses and Coverly and their aging dowager cousin, Honora, to track the progress of postwar America and its social norms Married life for each of the lads is tumultuous, particularly concerning Moses s wife, Melissa, who ends up being sharply drawn in this novel than her husband is Each unhappy family may be unhappy in its own way, but here ex [...]

    • This was a brilliant satire on the early 1960s in the USA, as it began to throw off the innocence assumed of the 1950s The Wapshot family degenerates into many scandals, even though it still means well in some cases.Cheever also captured the paradoxical angst and hope left over from the 1950s, with which I grew up and keenly remember Like everyone else who reads the newspapers he had come to hold in his mind a fear that some drunken corporal might incinerate the planet and to hold in another par [...]

    • After reading The Wapshot Chronicle, The Wapshot Scandal was a bit of a disappointment However, Cheever can craft a sentence like nobody s business and for that reason, the book was still a pleasure to read While the Chronicle was a beautiful and poignant story that was also madcap and down right strange, it somehow hung together The Wapshot Scandal come across as of a slice of life from the late 50 s early 60 s without ever feeling like a story It touches on everything from a plane hi jacking [...]

    • Una radiograf a de una familia y casi de un pueblo La prosa de Cheever me recuerda a un escalpelo que va hurgando tanto el interior como el exterior de las personas Siempre encuentro im genes o situaciones que me hacen cerrar la novela para saborearlas y pensar en ellas Como el final Una pega ser a algunos secundarios que no me aportaron nada.

    • Brilliant piece Just every line, every character resonates with me I can picture Coverly Honora as if they re old friends I wish there was of them Once again, it reads a bit like an earlier John Irving But there s the description of Forester a touch of the magic of Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

    • After reading The Wapshot Chronicle on my first list of 100, I was so impressed, I made certain I would revisit the works of John Cheever.While The Wapshot Scandal can certainly stand on its own, having read its predecessor, I believe, made it all the enjoyable Cheever s ability is like a fine needle weaving in and out of beautiful fabric to eventually reveal a thing of beauty.Cheever starts us out in St Botolphs, Massachusetts, the home town of the Wapshot family, but takes us away on a journe [...]

    • Originally published on my blog here in August 2000.In the second half of The Wapshot Chronicle, the members of the Wapshot family central to the story had mostly died or moved away from the small New England town of St Botolphs The Wapshot Scandal continues the story of Miles and Coverley Wapshot, the brothers who have moved away, and of their great aunt Honora, who remains The town itself is much less important than in the other novel, except as the place which formed the personalities of the [...]

    • A wonderful writer, this was my first novel of Cheever s, and I was a bit disappointed I suppose that it would have been beneficial to read the Wapshot Chronicles the first in this two part series before embarking on Scandals.This is the tale of a somewhat dysfunctional Wapshot family, initially from New England, but now dispersed to other parts The wealthy matriarch of the clan is a vivid character who attempts to evade the IRS, after her for decades of unpaid taxes, by fleeing the country, onl [...]

    • I love me some John Cheever The Wapshot Scandal is not my favorite of his works but still a good solid read.Cheever has this way of writing, of story telling, that pulls the reader in He is able to make this reader sympathize with the characters even when they are doing something so bizarre or morally wrong that I still want to meet them, sit down with them and have a conversation The Wapshots are revisited in this tale from previous that I have read but with new dynamics as they approach differ [...]

    • John Cheever, best known for his short stories, also wrote a handful of worthwhile novels, including this one Though in fact a novel, the Wapshot Scandal reads like an anthology of related stories strung together by overlapping characters and shared themes of disintegration, alcoholism, suburbia, nuclear annihilation, and boredom fortunately, it was also written in the era of the Twilight Zone, i.e before these things became trite.I found the book s format at once frustrating and tantalizing It [...]

    • This is the first I have read of John Cheever It is the 2nd book concerning the Wapshots Had I not been camping, I would have gone to the library and gotten the first for which he won a Pulitzer.This book was quite a surprise I am not sure what I expected The plot is really loose and he does a lot to develop characters I am trying to think of who he reminds me of exactlyHis writing style is very free and humorous in a dark way Sometimes I could see a bit of Vonnegut in there except Cheever is 99 [...]

    • I had enjoyed The Wapshot Chronicle quite a lot, which made reading The Wapshot Scandal the disappointing I wonder in which circumstances John Cheever decided to write a sequel Some characters from the original novel are present along with a few new ones The plot is sometimes appallingly thin and the novel, to me, lacks structure We are left with a series of separate stories that never really do come together event though their various protagnosits meach each other at times Each individual stor [...]

    • This is a satisfying book than Cheever s Wapshot Chronicles The theme s had appeal to me life in an increasingly technological age Man, the he changes, the he is the same endless cookie cutter housing and lives The chapter on the Senate hearing made me laugh aloud All I could think of was the ridiculous Oceanside Congressman, Darrell Issa, and his expensive and useless investigations that always come to naught Interprets like this, Cheever s writing borders on extended list poetry And then t [...]

    • This book was an unlikely candidate after the misfortune of the Wapshot Chronicle.But there is so much hype around Cheever that I wanted to be proven wrong I wanted to believe that he may have grown out of the first attempt And Spencer s Endless Love has a nice reference to this particular book.But no, what we get in Scandal is a hyperbole of the first book seven degrees of Wapshot carried through in painful detail, there is no arc, no protagonist All I can gather is an artistic pretension to ou [...]

    • I ve long been a Cheever fan, but believe that he chose a bad title for this one It would have been better to have used the plural of scandal in the title, as I kept assuming that I would happen upon a dominant one and that just didn t happen I had to be content with reading about one of the Wapshots a woman getting into trouble with the IRS for never having paid income tax and deciding to flee the country Then there were several out of wedlock escapades one in particular between a woman and the [...]

    • John Cheever lezen is als het beluisteren van een celloconcert van Bach, je laten overmeesteren en meeslepen door het mysterie en door woordelijke zinnelijkheid Opnieuw krijgen we in dit boek de menselijke tragiek voorgeschoteld in een afwisseling van drama, slapstick en de mooiste natuurbeschrijvingen Als lezer zweef je over het boek heen op een grote wolk Cheever kan vertellen en neemt je als lezer mee en stuwt je vooruit Dit vervolg op Kroniek van de familie Wapshot is heerlijke lectuur Het r [...]

    • I had not read The Wapshot Chronicle but I don t think it prevented me from enjoying this successor I felt the book started off with a bang, grabbing me because of its marvelously written, humorous style Cheever can write his way out of a paper bag I did feel somewhere around the middle that it wandered a a bit far afield, as in the long section on Dr Cameron But all in all, an amusing, very intelligent book that has something to say about human nature in a creative way Note to young friends it [...]

    • I am captivated by the people that drift in and out of this book and it doesn t bother me in the least that I can meet a character, walk along with them for a day or two in their lives, and then never hear about them again Brilliant writing, captivating and original storyline s , this book is a pleasure to read One page I m laughing, the other I m crying Both Wapshots are great works of American literature and I am glad I made it a point to read both in order I do find the second to be a bit ju [...]

    • My third Cheever, and the only one not to my liking Again the stories showcase weak characters, especially the women something I noticed early on Even women Cheever introduces as possessing exemplary character eventually fall from grace And it occurred to me that if the women are in this emotional disarray, so with the pathetic men who tolerate this and stand by them This book was a disappointment, especially having enjoyed the first two.

    • So far I like this book Cheever, doesn t introduce his characters the way one is introduced to a friend of a friend at a party, he introduces the reader to them the way you might finally be introduced to someone you have been spying on for years In some cases so far these characters exist only for a couple of pages, but you know why they do what they do no matter how insignificant they are to the story.

    • I fail to see why this book is being described as poignant and hilarious intelligent, weird and witty, but poignant and hilarious I loved the first chapter but from there it was downhill all the way I couldn t relate to the characters, the story seemed to be going nowhere and I was bored enough halfway through to give up on the book.

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