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Asylum By Piper Vaughn Asylum Johnny Cairo is known as the Scaremaster He works for Fear Asylum his father s traveling haunted house and makes his living terrifying people But Johnny has never frightened easily himself That is
  • Title: Asylum
  • Author: Piper Vaughn
  • ISBN: 9781301402892
  • Page: 175
  • Format: ebook
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    Asylum By Piper Vaughn Johnny Cairo is known as the Scaremaster He works for Fear Asylum, his father s traveling haunted house, and makes his living terrifying people But Johnny has never frightened easily himself That is, until he wakes up in the middle of the night and finds his best friend s younger brother in his bed Naked.Johnny s fought against his attraction to Brennan for years, worrJohnny Cairo is known as the Scaremaster He works for Fear Asylum, his father s traveling haunted house, and makes his living terrifying people But Johnny has never frightened easily himself That is, until he wakes up in the middle of the night and finds his best friend s younger brother in his bed Naked.Johnny s fought against his attraction to Brennan for years, worried that giving in to it will lead to losing the friendship he shares with Brennan s older brother, Eddie As much as he fights it, though, the lure of having Brennan in his bed proves too hard to resist They start an affair that s supposed to be no strings attached, but Johnny s persistent denial of the growing feelings between them leads to a rift that might not be mendable Then an accident at Fear Asylum nearly costs Johnny the one thing he holds dear, and he learns that while his nickname might be the Scaremaster, he knows next to nothing about real fear.No longer available.
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      Piper Vaughn wrote her first love story at eleven and never looked back Since then, she s known that writing in some form was exactly what she wanted to do A reader at the core, Piper loves nothing than getting lost in a great book fantasy, young adult, romance, sci fi, she loves them all As a Latinx person, Piper takes great pride in her heritage She grew up in an ethnically diverse neighborhood and strives to put faces and characters of every ethnicity in her stories, so her fictional worlds are as colorful as the real one Above all, she believes that everyone needs a little true love in their life even if it s only in a book.Sign up for Piper s newsletter pipervaughn newsletterFacebookPinterestInstagram

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    • 3.5 starsSome Housekeeping The title a bit misleading Other than Fear Asylum being the name of the haunted house they run, there s nothing sinister or crazy about this story at all.Haunted houses has anyone been to the one at Universal Studios Holy cowI ve never screamed so much in my life I almost had a heart attack Review This was a great 50 page short Johnny runs a traveling haunted house spectacle and Brennan works for him and is his best friend s younger brother This is a sweet you re just [...]

    • I love hanging out in haunted houses The thrills, chills, and anticipation float through the air along with the whispers and screams Even though I know the haunted house business around Halloween is a packaged to sell, rubber masked, blood out of a bottle silly, giggle fest my heart still skips a happy beat whenever I step foot in one Well like my heart JUMPS and skips Haha So I jumped into Piper Vaughn s Asylum with a grin already on my face.Johnny Cairo travels the country promoting, working, [...]

    • Yikes Too much door mat ness happening here for me to be happy MC Brennan let MC Johnny walk ALL over him, numerous times, and it irritated me enough to suck the joy out of the story As you can see from other reviews, I am in the minority in saying I cannot recommend this book It was not romantic I was just sad watching Brennan get beat down over and over again.

    • One thing I love in m m romance is when you can feel the ST and chemistry between the two or if the case may be D main guys No complaints on that side with Johnny and Brennan This was very enjoyable and a great just before bed read Not masses of conflict but enough to make the HEA very satisfying Short enough to read in one sitting but not too short to feel cheated, I finished this feeling warm, fuzzy and contented I love Pipers stories and this didn t disappoint The only thing that I d have li [...]

    • When will I learn to stop buying short stories I always end up wanting The same thing happened with this one Asylum was a good little story, and I enjoyed reading it very much, but was left wishing that we had seen of what made these men what they were.I read this as a bedtime story, and appreciated the fast pace and steam factor Perfect for an adult bed time story Just wanted to have I am a little greedy like that.The name was a little confusing at first The story is about two young men who [...]

    • Very very disappointed.It s not bad Really, it s not If you don t go into this expecting romance and a slightly creepy background which I did My bad The whole setup for the story is rubbish The Fear Asylum sounds insanely interesting, doesn t it Well, it s not Because it s insanely underdevelopedThe love story Guys, they re fuck buddies if even that More like Brennan is a sensitive, delicate doormat and Johnny is the sleazy asshole who s fucking with his head both in a literal and figurative sen [...]

    • If you go into this novella expecting haunted houses and angst ridden falling outs with bosom buddies, you might be disappointed If you re looking to get hooked on a sweet and sexy romance between two fun guys, you ll love it to bits.Piper Vaughn has a gift for pulling the reader into the central relationship from page one Before you know anything much about the characters or their situations in life, you re already invested in their relationship And what a relationship sexy, sweet, funny Johnny [...]

    • This is full of young love in all its glorynsisting of sex, pain, hurt and agony.Brennan is bending over backwards trying to get Johnny to see him as than a kid Johnny does but is worried about what others think than just accepting that he and Bren are good together.Takes a lot of hurt feelings, and lots of sex, and the possibilty of losing a true love before they finally, finally get it right Smacks Johnny upside his head

    • Well done novella about Johnny and Brennan There always seems to be a taboo about getting involved with the sibling of a best friend If it doesn t work out, how does that affect the friendship If it does work out, uh, how does it affect the friendship Add that to the fact that you ve watched the kid grow up and you re having trouble reconciling the hot and confident guy in front of you with the scrawny annoying little brother of your best friend.Johnny and Brennan work together in Johnny s famil [...]

    • 3 Spookfest StarsToo short Such an interesting story idea crammed into just under 60 pages A group of young carni types traveling the country setting up and breaking down Fear Asylum a haunted house reputed to be THE scariest one of all The day to day operations handed down from father to son, Johnny Cairo He s used to the life and having people come and go, and his best friend s younger brother Brandon is someone he notices but keeps at arm s length until one night when Brandon crawls into his [...]

    • 4.5 starsA relatively short story about a man who falls in love with his best friend s brother knowing it could destroy the best friendship he s ever had.Brennan is the little brother of Eddie, Johnny s best friend Brennan and Johnny work for Fear Asylum, the traveling haunted house owned by Johnny s father Johnny is known as the Scaremaster for his ability to scare the hell out of people night after night Brennan has secretly been in love with Johnny for years and he finally does something abou [...]

    • Two men who should not, cannot, be together still find the pull irresistible.One is the brother of the best friend of the other They can t It just won t work.The other fears losing his best friend over the feelings he has They shouldn t It would hurt too much.Yet still they come together Each time is the last time one of them says Perhaps the next time.When tragedy strikes will it be enough to pull them together or will it simply pull them apart

    • Ah what a great, smexy story Johnny and Brennan are in a classic push pull, can t have you kind of relationship but oh, there s a twist The can t have doesn t hold up against the MUST HAVE and Johnny falls hard This is a fantastic sweet tale of feared regrets, want, and surrender.

    • My only complaint is that it was TOO SHORT This is a wonderful story about hope, love and the joy of getting scared I really enjoyed it

    • 3.5 4 HeartsReview written for MM Good Book Reviewsmmgoodbookreviews.wordpress This very quick story is perhaps a study in seduction Loved it and mostly loved Brennan His insistence was hilarious having poor Johnny scrambling for some semblance of sanity.Johnny has crushing on Brennan for years, but Brennan being his best friend s younger brother complicated things Johnny has no intention of jeopardizing his friendship due to lust While working on the Fear Asylum and keeping an eye on Brennan fo [...]

    • I wanted to read a short, sweet, and hot love story, and for some reason I couldn t get this book out of my mind I can t believe I wasted my time on this.I read One Thing series and I liked it very much, so I thought that choosing another book by one of the authors is a safe thing, a guarantee for a great read Well, maybe I should have chosen something by M.J O Shea.This story is way underdeveloped, even if you take into consideration its length It s a piece of There s this haunting house busine [...]

    • Reviewed for Hearts On Fire Reviews4.5 Johnny Cairo runs the Fear Asylum, which is a traveling haunted house extraordinaire During the Halloween tour in Chicago, he wake up to find the lovely Brennan in his bed Wouldn t be bad, except Brennan is Johnny s best friend s Eddie little brother, so is off limits Never know how brother will handle the idea, and there is always the real chance that if something goes wrong, your friendship is over Very difficult Johnny loses a little bit for me because o [...]

    • 2.5 starsAt first I thought I was in for a dark, scary tale but I quickly found out I was wrong kinda like watching The Hunger Games and expecting an action flick I can t say I wasn t disappointed but I liked the author so much so I persisted.This was a fairly short story with minimal angst and LOTS of sex It s one of those I love you but I don t deserve you plots that isn t really original but the author wrote it well for my enjoyment so I didn t mind it much My pet peeve though was the charact [...]

    • Although well written and enjoyable, this book is pretty short But, I believe that the story wraps up well, and didn t need to be longer than it was It s a fast read and the characters are familiar, as are the plot devices that convince the MC to reconsider his constant refusal of Brennan s attention Nothing too clever or unexpected, but the intimate scenes ranged from a summary of what happened to some very nice and descriptive nights between the two MCs.Overall it s worth the money if you re l [...]

    • I feel like I m being generous here by giving it 2 stars.Very often with short books like this one, the author rushes the story and things feel fake because no feelings, connection or even dynamic has time to be developped.I didn t feel connected to the characters Their encounters could have been better if the connection between the characters had felt real, and honestly, sometimes while I was reading I found myself thinking about anything but the story I was reading The plot was promissing and [...]

    • I debated between 2 and 2.5 when trying to decide on a rating It s not that the story is bad, it s not It s that there just isn t enough here to get into the characters and what s happening Johnny seemed like a prick throughout most of it and Brennan struck me as being pretty pathetic The part that I hate is that I don t think either of them are as bad as they came across They needed to be better developed in order for me to become invested in what was happening between them I gave it a low rat [...]

    • This was hot and angsty I get that siblings of best friends are tricky to fall for, but Johnny s indecision about Bren was not cool I wanted him to be a little clear at least with himself about what he wanted Brennan sure was The smex was smexy and Brennan was obviously the man for Johnny The Fear Asylum was mostly just background, but served its purpose well.I love the way this author shows us the way one character sees his love interest There s tenderness, there s vulnerability but there s al [...]

    • From the title, I was expecting something dark and sinister I didn t expect something sweet BUT I loved the book Johnny was a bit of jerk at first and Brennan was sexy and steadfast with his long time feelings for Johnny which I find adorable Love the hot scenes they were yummy This was a perfect weekend read I hope there s a sequel

    • I m very sorry but I didn t liked this short story Above all I m surprised because there is very few of that that I have learned to love of author in the books that I have read I think that the blurb ,if also well describes the plot, still don t is that I expected and is also misleading The title,the job of protagonists,nothing is found so significant in the story, either the relationship between Johnny and Brennan seem to me very poor in sentiment and intensity.

    • I loved this short story Piper writes such cute romances and this was just as good as I d hoped I just wish there had been , because Johnny and Brennan were so lovely and awesome I wanted to see everything, especially Eddie s reaction and the progression of their relationship But, even without that, I really enjoyed this read and the Fear Asylum sounded so awesome Although I d probably end up being one of those crying girls who has to be escorted out through an emergency exit P

    • First book by Piper and I loved it I read a blog by Ms Mary Calmes recommending this book and decided to try it Johnny and Bren were adoreable I want of them I want to know their future How did Eddie react Did Bren go to college Did Johnny go with them Did they settle down Did Johnny stick by his decision and stay with Bren and support him Piper give me Please

    • See Lucky s 4 1 2 sweet pea review on March 24, 2013 at mrsconditreadsbooks index Every Sunday please join us for reviews of short stories.These are quick reads that are perfect for Sunday afternoon.Leave a comment if there is a short story you would like for us to consider for review.

    • This was just a so so read for me I couldn t like or even really understand the MCs or their motivations, especially Johnny I guess this sort of stuff happens in real life I just dont know that I d be overly interested even then

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