Maigret et la jeune morte #2020

Maigret et la jeune morte By Georges Simenon Maigret et la jeune morte Maigret b illa poussa les papiers vers le bout du bureau Signez a les enfants et vous pourrez aller vous coucher Les enfants taient probablement les trois gaillards les plus durs cuire qui fussent
  • Title: Maigret et la jeune morte
  • Author: Georges Simenon
  • ISBN: 9782253142409
  • Page: 186
  • Format: Paperback
  • Maigret et la jeune morte By Georges Simenon
    Maigret et la jeune morte By Georges Simenon Maigret b illa, poussa les papiers vers le bout du bureau Signez a, les enfants, et vous pourrez aller vous coucher Les enfants taient probablement les trois gaillards les plus durs cuire qui fussent pass s par la P J depuis un an L un d eux, celui qu on appelait D d , avait l aspect d un gorille, et le plus fluet, qui avait un il au beurre noir, aurait puMaigret b illa, poussa les papiers vers le bout du bureau Signez a, les enfants, et vous pourrez aller vous coucher Les enfants taient probablement les trois gaillards les plus durs cuire qui fussent pass s par la P J depuis un an L un d eux, celui qu on appelait D d , avait l aspect d un gorille, et le plus fluet, qui avait un il au beurre noir, aurait pu gagner sa vie comme lutteur forain Janvier leur passait les papiers, une plume, et, maintenant qu ils venaient enfin de l cher le morceau, ils ne se donnaient plus la peine de discuter, ne lisaient m me pas le proc s verbal de leur interrogatoire, et signaient d un air d go t.L horloge de marbre marquait trois heures et quelques minutes et la plupart des bureaux du Quai des Orf vres taient plong s dans l obscurit Depuis longtemps, on n entendait plus d autre bruit qu un lointain klaxon ou les freins d un taxi qui d rapait sur le pav mouill Au moment de leur arriv e, la veille, les bureaux taient d serts aussi, parce qu il n tait pas neuf heures du matin et que le personnel n tait pas encore l Il pleuvait d j , de cette pluie fine et m lancolique qui tombait toujours.
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      Simenon was one of the most prolific writers of the twentieth century, capable of writing 60 to 80 pages per day His oeuvre includes nearly 200 novels, over 150 novellas, several autobiographical works, numerous articles, and scores of pulp novels written under than two dozen pseudonyms Altogether, about 550 million copies of his works have been printed.He is best known, however, for his 75 novels and 28 short stories featuring Commissaire Maigret The first novel in the series, Pietr le Letton, appeared in 1931 the last one, Maigret et M Charles, was published in 1972 The Maigret novels were translated into all major languages and several of them were turned into films and radio plays Two television series 1960 63 and 1992 93 have been made in Great Britain.During his American period, Simenon reached the height of his creative powers, and several novels of those years were inspired by the context in which they were written Trois chambres Manhattan 1946 , Maigret New York 1947 , Maigret se f che 1947.Simenon also wrote a large number of psychological novels , such as La neige tait sale 1948 or Le fils 1957 , as well as several autobiographical works, in particular Je me souviens 1945 , Pedigree 1948 , M moires intimes 1981.In 1966, Simenon was given the MWA s highest honor, the Grand Master Award.In 2005 he was nominated for the title of De Grootste Belg The Greatest Belgian In the Flemish version he ended 77th place In the Walloon version he ended 10th place.

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    • This is a very interesting case in the police stories about Chief Inspector Maigret by Georges Simenon Set almost entirely in Paris with links by phone and records across France, Europe and North America it is an investigation that shows Maigret at his best.There is the clear support of his team of detectives and criminal support As forensics begins to play a role from post mortem to analysis of the victims clothes.They all know his methods and how thorough he is and above all how his mind works [...]

    • INSPECTOR MAIGRET MAIGRET AND THE DEAD GIRL 1955 Georges Simenon 1 2.The body of a young woman is discovered on the streets of Paris outside of a nightclub Maigret gets the call and picks up the case The first thing is to find out who she is there was no identification on the body The only clues the police had to go on were her clothes It turns out that the gown she was wearing was rented from a firm specializing in such business, and soon that information leads to her ultimate identity She had [...]

    • Best known for Maigret I ve never understood why Simenon s non Maigret books should be considered important literary works His Maigrets were how he got paid.My struggles to learn French continue, recently with facile editions of Maigret et la jeune morte and La Rue Aux Trois Poussins Le Mari De M lie This edition of Maigret et la jeune morte comes with audio as well I found the voice of the narrator very irritating, so as yet I can t say if I have gained anything from that aspect of the book I s [...]

    • Depois de ter feito umas comprinhas na feira do livro de Lisboa a porto editora ofereceu me dois exemplares da velha cole o vampiro para apelar aos leitores ao reaparecimento desta cole o agora renovada e n o podia ter ficado mais feliz.Este um livrinho curtinho, um caso interessante sobre uma rapariga misteriosa que encontrada assassinada beira da estrada Maigret o investigador principal do caso acompanhado pelo seu parceiro Langdon.Acredito que quem goste de Agatha Christie ir com certeza gost [...]

    • I ve read it for studying purposes It has upped my French a bit, I hope As far as the plot goes, I have found it somewhat anticlimactic and think that the solution to the mystery came out from nowhere.

    • Il mio primo incontro con Maigret e con Simenon stato, in senso non letterale, una mia lettura d ombrellone Una ragazza che viene ritrovata uccisa in un angolo di Parigi, un commissario che si reca a destra e a manca per fare domande, una risoluzione Un gialletto semplice, e a mio avviso, purtroppo, un po povero Perch costruito unicamente su una serie di dialoghi, cosa che all inizio pu anche intrigare e aiutare a focalizzare l attenzione sempre sul delitto il che non fa male , ma che, alla lung [...]

    • This Maigret novel has an utterly devastating ending, one of the strongest and bleakest I have yet read in this series, second only to the ending of A Man s Head This book is quite moving and unsettling and it is interesting to watch Inspector Lognon grow into a character as real in his own way as Maigret himself Another excellent Simenon novel

    • Cinque racconti con alti e bassi, alcuni che non mi sono piaciuti particolarmente, in particolare i primi due, L enigmatico signor Owen e Quelli del Grand Caf , in cui troviamo un Maigret in pensione, scorbutico, antipatico, in conflitto con s stesso perch annoiato dalla vita da pensionato ma testardo nel negarlo e nel non voler essere coinvolto nella soluzione di casi di omicidi in cui si trova coinvolto Arriva al punto di arrabbiarsi con la moglie dalla cui parte mi schiero per solidariet femm [...]

    • un Maigret un po sottotono ma non soltantodirei che tutto il romanzo sembra navigare in un grigiore depressivo che permea tutta la storia Dal personaggio di Lagnone a quello della giovane morta, Simenon sembrerebbe evocare con questa indagine la miseria mentale che vive nelle contraddizioni della societ moderna, che inevitabilmente porta a finale patetici ed assurdi la morte della giovane sar totalmente casuale Lo stesso Maigret si adegua a questo scenario, lasciandosi cullare da queste torbide [...]

    • Dramatisation with Denholm ElliottWL The Man Who Watched Trains Go By3 Maigret in Society3 The Blue RoomWL My Friend Maigret Maigret 31 3 The Saint Fiacre Affair3 Maigret in Montmartre3 Maigret Has Scruples3 Maigret Bides His Time3 Striptease3 Maigret Sets A Trap3 Maigret and the Young Girl

    • Il libro raccoglie cinque racconti con protagonista il mio amato Maigret A onor del vero, si tratta di racconti un po tirati via, scritti con il pilota automatico D altronde si sa che il tenore di vita del Nostro non fosse certo austero e talvolta gli era necessario scrivere per motivi alimentari Ma che volete, per me Maigret come un vecchio zio di cui si ascoltano le storie pi per come le racconta che per quello che raccontano.

    • This is not for anyone disinclined to be reminded that life is anything but fair It is a tautly plotted and convincing mystery story in which Maigret is invloved in a race with a junior colleague to unravel the mystery of a young woman s death The colleague is ahead of Maigret for pretty well the entire story, but does he beat the Master in the race to unmask the killer What do you think

    • This isn t one of the best Simenon books The story unfolds without really catching interest, or it didn t manage at all to make me care for what happens A murder happens, then things add up to it, and it takes a lot of time until you get your explanations Still, it s a book good to have, when you have read everything else and are stuck in a train.

    • este o segundo livro que leio em franc s, na vers o tr s facile da cle international a hist ria bem mais interessante do que o primeiro livro que li la morte amoureuse , e o franc s f cil torna o livro gostoso de ler a hist ria um policial bacana, que te prende at o final, e achei que tem cara dos mist rios da agatha christie gostei

    • Three and a half starsMy English edition titled Maigret and the Young Girl Another good but lightweight story from Simenon Not one of his best There was detection than usual and less of the atmospherics Although there were some clues it wasn t possible for the reader to know who killed the young girl of the title.I find the character of Lognon difficult to believe in.

    • This novel shows well the way Maigret works A woman is found dead in the street one night She has no identification Who is she How did she get here Why is she wearing a rented dress Where is her bag Slowly, Maigret and his team learn all about her past, but it takes much time for them to understand her last evening and what lead to her death.

    • This is the first Simenon book I ve ever read, and I enjoyed it In English, and the title was Maigret and the Young Girl Very dated with everyone smoking all the time, and with no mobile phones, computers etc But still good.

    • Although I don t agree with Andr Gide who considered Simenon le plus grand de tous, le plus vraiment romancier que nous ayons en France aujourd hui, this was another great read Just be prepared, though, for a very, very sad, bitter, troubling ending.

    • A lonely faceless girl is murdered in Paris, the victim of greed and indifference Maigret reconstructs who she is and finds her killer.

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