The Last Fairytale #2020

The Last Fairytale By MollyGreene The Last Fairytale Librarian s Note this is an alternate cover edition ASIN B GXF BROBree Butler shelved her dream of becoming an investigative journalist long ago But when she finds a young biotech executive dead on h
  • Title: The Last Fairytale
  • Author: MollyGreene
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 362
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The Last Fairytale By MollyGreene
    The Last Fairytale By MollyGreene Librarian s Note this is an alternate cover edition ASIN B00GXF9BROBree Butler shelved her dream of becoming an investigative journalist long ago But when she finds a young biotech executive dead on his office floor, she begins to think she might have another shot at it even though she s a suspect in the homicide investigation Bree and her old college friend, DetecLibrarian s Note this is an alternate cover edition ASIN B00GXF9BROBree Butler shelved her dream of becoming an investigative journalist long ago But when she finds a young biotech executive dead on his office floor, she begins to think she might have another shot at it even though she s a suspect in the homicide investigation Bree and her old college friend, Detective Gen Delacourt who we first met in Mark of the Loon , begin a danger filled quest to unravel the puzzle The deeper they dig, the truth about their own personal lives is revealed along with the dead man s They ll both begin again after this is solved if Bree makes it out alive Previously titled Rapunzel
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      Hello readers I m a blogger, novelist, and author of the Gen Delacourt Mystery Series, which includes Mark of the Loon, The Last Fairytale, Paint Me Gone, A Thousand Tombs, Swindle Town, Lock the Cellar Door, and Midnight at Half Moon Bay I blog about life and self publishing topics at Molly Greene Visit and join my Readers Club

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    • Two old college friends, Genevieve Delacourt, a Lawyer turned Private Investigator, and Cambria Butler, a would be investigative journalist, meet up unexpectedly one day to find themselves living in the same apartment block They are so pleased to met up again, but Bree is in a rush to interview a chemical engineer called Andrew Ducane who works for a company called Elergene Enterprises, so the two women agree to arrange a catch up very soon.Bree arrives at Elergene Enterprises only to discover a [...]

    • Rapunzelis the latest mystery offering from uber blogger Molly Greene, featuring PI Gen Delacourt.When Cambria Bree Butler, a budding journalist, finds her interview subject dead, she is immediately a suspect But a chance reunion with college friend, Gen Delacourt, convinces Bree maybe this unfortunate incident is actually her chance to revive her dream of becoming an investigative journalist Bree jumps in with both feet.Greene creates a rich cast of San Francisco characters including a rich CEO [...]

    • Just getting around to writing a review for this engaging and interesting mystery romance.Good development of the mostly likeable characters.I enjoyed the original and unique element of the mushrooms in the story.I m glad that I have in this series on my Kindle to read, that I got as Freebies D

    • Cambria Bree Butler is at a low point in both her personal and professional life What she least expects though is to find herself at a police station as a suspect in a murder case Vulnerable and lost, she puts her fragile trust in the hands of her old friend, Genevieve Delacourt, an attorney turned detective Together, Gen and Bree try to unweave a tangled web of lies and deception that will force Bree to get closer than ever to her inner strength and death.I needed a break from my emotionally ch [...]

    • Another enticing mystery from Molly Greene If you enjoyed Mark of the Loon, then you ll love The Last Fairytale, which follows Genevieve Delacourt to San Francisco and the new private detective practice she runs with her boyfriend, Ryan They ve recently moved in to a new apartment together One afternoon, Gen runs into her downstairs neighbour, Cambria Butler affectionately known as Bree whom she went to school with Bree is now a freelance writer some distance from the high level career in journa [...]

    • This is the complete review as it appears at my blog dedicated to reading, writing no rithmatic , movies, TV Blog reviews often contain links which are not reproduced here, nor will updates or modifications to the blog review be replicated here Graphic and children s reviews on the blog typically feature two or three images from the book s interior, which are not reproduced here.Note that I don t really do stars To me a book is either worth reading or it isn t I can t rate it three fifths worth [...]

    • Bree Butler is currently getting by writing bit pieces here and there executive bios, etc Nothing like the investigative journalism she wanted to pursue On her way to an interview for a piece she s writing, she bumps into Gen Delacourt, a PI lawyer who happens to live upstairs in her building and who was her friend ages ago Fortuitous for Bree, as when she arrives at her client s office, the interviewee is dead, and the CEO finds her over the body and promptly calls the cops on her Gen is her on [...]

    • Cambria Bree Butler is reeling from a bad break up and her lost dreams of pursuing a career as an investigative journalist, but her resilient attitude will carry her through the ups and downs of working as a freelance writer in San Francisco s Bay Area That is, until she shows up for an interview at the mysterious Elergene Enterprises and finds her interviewee a young chemical engineer dead on the floor of his office After being marked as a suspect in the murder herself, Bree is determined to fi [...]

    • Molly Greene s Rapunzel is a thrilling read A murder mystery set in San Francisco that involves corporate espionage, kidnapping, and mysterious mushrooms it s true Cambria Bree Butler is a would be investigative journalist who, on the same day, bumps into an old college friend and stumbles on a dead body That old college friend, Genevive Delacourt, happens to be a lawyer and a licensed private investigator as well as a lifeline for Bree, who finds herself a suspect in a very sticky situation The [...]

    • Full Review can be found here therevboard 2014 10 14 the Molly Greene s Rapunzel centers around a young investigative journalist Genevieve Delacourt who happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time.Going to a late night job interview NOT UNCOMMON these days, citing how I have been to a few myself mainly for Life Insurance sales opportunities , she finds that the person who was to interview her is deader than a door nail, and she becomes the Prime Suspect in the eyes of the San Francisco P [...]

    • I have to admit It took me a bit to get interested in Rapunzel I m not sure if it s due to flaws in the first chapter or if it took me awhile to acquaint myself with the voice Whatever the case, I m glad I kept with it for by the second chapter, I was hooked I looked forward to reading this each evening after work, the way one always looks forward to escaping inside a well crafted fictional world.Greene has developed two strong and unusual female characters in freelance journalist Cambria Butler [...]

    • Reviewed on behalf of The Review BoardThis novel is set around the San Francisco Bay Area and is a mild thriller The story opens with the discovery of a dead body, and a wannabe investigative journalist is implicated in the murder A chance meeting with an old college friend, who happens to be a private investigator, soon sets them both on a danger filled quest to unravel the puzzle There is a minor romantic thread running throughout the narrative.The writing style is passive, but well put togeth [...]

    • I loved the first book in this series, Mark of the Loon and so looked forward to seeing of Madison and Cole in this book Alas, they were nowhere to be found But I did enjoy this story and getting to know Gen Delacourt An old college friend of Gen s lives in Gen s apartment building They run into each other when Cambria Bree is on her way to interview a research scientist at a San Francisco company Unfortunately, she discovers his body and is soon a suspect in the murder She calls Gen and thus b [...]

    • It was okayI really enjoyed the first book It had great character development, especially with Madison and Gen They were a hoot This book was good I thought the story line was a bit confusing though I still don t really understand why Andrew was murdered What was Patience s motive for that I really didn t mind that Gen and Ryan broke up since we didn t really like his character very much in the first book Mack seems awesome and to really like Gen a lot I am looking forward to seeing where that g [...]

    • I bought this book mainly because I loved the cover But its a nice mystery, that hinges on Cambria Butler s loose canon attitude She happens to find the body of Andrew Ducane and finds herself being the target of the murder next The entire book depends on the ability of the author to shield the suspect from our eyes The red herring is dashing, rich Taylor Vonnegan The book is well written, the pace could have been better, maybe a bit tighter The last 15 pages had a lot happening and really fast [...]

    • Msg Greene I would like to thank you for all the twist and turns of this great novel I love the fact how a gunshot, a disappointed journalist worked in tandem with the police some of the time, but because they didn t have the restrictions the police have they could dig deeper, and the case was solved quicker then otherwise.My take on this novel is we have two women who have strengths different from the other, yet Gen was the friend that boost her friend s confidence in herself when it was most n [...]

    • This was a great read for those who enjoy reading crime suspense with strong female leads Molly s ability to portray a story is captivating Her characters are well defined and her descriptions of places and characters are meticulously detailed As the book progressed I found myself very caught up in the mystery eager to find out what happens next and waiting to see how Bree would get herself out of the dangerous situations she got herself into through her investigations Without giving away spoile [...]

    • This book was fast paced and held my interest throughout most of the book The descriptions were often nicely written I did, however, have some small, but as annoying issues The first of these minor issues was a tendency to introduce too many characters, too close together The second little thing was she used a lot of he she said without being clear who she or he was.There were, though, two things that she did particularly well that saved the book from having a lower rating and those were a very [...]

    • The Gen Delacourt Mystery Series includes Mark of the Loon, The Last Fairytale, Paint Me Gone, A Thousand Tombs, and Swindle Town with to come in the future I ve just sped through and thoroughly enjoyed these first five books, and will write a bit about each of themThe Last Fairytale is the second book of the five to date, and is the story of Gen making the move from lawyering to becoming a private detective It also tells the tale of Brie Butler, an old college friend of Gen s who is a suspect [...]

    • You KNOW You ve Found a Great Author WhenYou simply cannot wait to read her next installment in the series My favorite part of this series besides great mysteries are the local tie ins to my home town I LOVE, LOVE the descriptions of interior decorating and scenes which I would normal skip over in a story Each book in this series has added new depths to her characters and their lives and I feel like I ve stepped into a really cool television series and don t have to worry about my husband changi [...]

    • This novel has some good points,but negative ones exist I was very disappointed with the lack of resolution at the end, and I would not recommend wasting time reading this novel when so many other great books are out there to be read I ll be providing a in depth critique on Wording Well my new website and will be re thinking my offers of trading a book for a review in the future However, authors can be assured that they will get the truth from me, even if it hurts.

    • I liked the title As these two women struggle with common problems as single women like trying to figure out what a guy s motivation is for acting the way he does around them, they are also trying to figure out the solution to a mystery what did the dead guy die of and why They are also dealing with disillusionment in their fairytale lives The story was a good one Molly Green is a strong writer.

    • Greene s ability to create a realistic atmosphere functioned to draw me through the novel The scenes take place in and around San Francisco s Bay Area and are filled with rich and believable detail The author spares no expense in giving her characters a grand stage to walk upon The mystery unfolds practically flawlessly, but I found myself wanting to make of a connection with the characters and thematic elements Kudos to any author who can plot like Molly Greene

    • 3.5 5 StarsFull review in progress Overall good storyline with interesting characters, particularly Gen Will make an excellent series character Put off by some of the language choices Came off as 1970 s detective show, cheezzzy Found it unrealistic Writing needed some tightening, but overall, not too distracting from the storyline This author does have the capabilities for this given her non fiction works It needs to carry over to her fictional work.

    • Journalist and PI friend on hunt to find a murdererAfter finding a dead body Bree Butler and her friend Gen Delacourt get embroiled in a mystery that involves a rich company CEO, two cops, a gay neighbor, and a few other oddballs Second in the Gen Delacourt series I thoroughly enjoyed the story It kept my interest even though I figured out the villain at the beginning of the book

    • Super OMG Could not put down this book WOW As I m writing this review, I m already thinking of purchasing the first book this was number two in a series , and finding the number three book Grabbed me from the first moment I started reading Love the characters Livvie reminds me of my nephew , love the humour, fast paced, few twists, a surprised bad guy not big surprise for me LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT I want

    • Molly Greene gets better and betterI enjoyed book one, a d book two didn t disappoint Ms Greene s writing gets stronger I had somewhat figured out who the bad guy was, but couldn t figure the reason That kept me hooked for a surprise ending Looking forward to the next in the series.

    • I enjoyed The Last FairytaleI enjoyed The Last Fairytale It s characters Gen Delacourt, Bree , and Oliver are very easy to care about Bree can t stay out of trouble, and without her best friends watching out for her would be swimming with the fishes I recommend this book to everyone who enjoys a good who done it

    • Rough beginning, smooth endingI personally had a rough time getting through the first few chapters I felt like the investigation was slow to start It definitely picked up though around the 30% mark and I was hooked until the end I love the strong female characters who overcome their fears and problems in the best ways, very inspiring All in all a very good read

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