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Seduce By Jennifer Snyder Seduce Her kiss can kill Kenna might be the only Succubus with a conscience but life isn t so bad now that she s figured out a specific way to find her male meals The only issue is her nonexistent love life
  • Title: Seduce
  • Author: Jennifer Snyder
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  • Page: 370
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  • Seduce By Jennifer Snyder Seduce Definition of Seduce by Merriam Webster Seduce definition is to persuade to disobedience or disloyalty How to use seduce in a sentence Synonym Discussion of seduce. Seduce Definition of Seduce at Dictionary verb used with object , seduced, seducing to lead astray, as from duty, rectitude, or the like corrupt to persuade or induce to have sexual intercourse to lead or draw away, as from principles, faith, or allegiance He was seduced Seduce definition of seduce by The Free Dictionary To attract or lead someone away from proper behavior or thinking He had been in this way seduced from the wisdom of his cooler judgment Anthony Trollope See Synonyms at lure . Seduction SEDUCE meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary to persuade or cause someone to do something that they would not usually consider doing by being very attractive and difficult to refuse I wouldn t normally stay in a hotel like this, but I was seduced by the fabulous location They were seduced Seduce definition and meaning Collins English Dictionary Aug , s dju s, US du s Word forms rd person singular present tense seduces, present participle seducing, past tense, past participle seduced verb If something seduces you, it is so attractive that it makes you do something that you would not otherwise do. Seduce Synonyms, Seduce Antonyms Merriam Webster Thesaurus Some common synonyms of seduce are decoy, entice, inveigle, lure, and tempt While all these words mean to lead astray from one s true course, seduce implies a leading astray by persuasion or false promises seduced by assurances of assistance In what contexts can decoy take the place of seduce Seduces definition of seduces by The Free Dictionary To attract or lead someone away from proper behavior or thinking He had been in this way seduced from the wisdom of his cooler judgment Anthony Trollope See Synonyms at lure To induce someone to engage in sexual activity, as by flirting or persuasion.
    Seduce By Jennifer Snyder Her kiss can kill Kenna might be the only Succubus with a conscience, but life isn t so bad now that she s figured out a specific way to find her male meals.The only issue is her nonexistent love life.That all changes when a handsome stranger walks into her life He may be a legendary vampire, but at least she can kiss him without killing him However, dating the inspiratiHer kiss can kill Kenna might be the only Succubus with a conscience, but life isn t so bad now that she s figured out a specific way to find her male meals.The only issue is her nonexistent love life.That all changes when a handsome stranger walks into her life He may be a legendary vampire, but at least she can kiss him without killing him However, dating the inspiration for Dracula might be than Kenna bargained for.
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    • You can see this full review and at Book Briefs bookbriefs Seduce is the first book in a New adult paranormal romance series The Series is called Succubus Kiss Seduce transports readers to a world in North Carolina where all sorts of paranormal creatures live and play It seemed like there were a ton of them in this town, living alongside all the normal humans In Jennifer Synder s paranormal world all creatures paranormal and human, have a distinct aura color The main character, Kenna, who is a [...]

    • The Succubus Kiss series has already 4 books including the prequel that is FREE now and when reading Seduce I could tell that you need to read all the volumes, in order, to have the full story OK, maybe we will have to deal with some cliffhanger endings, but at least we have already 3 books plus the prequel.Coming back to the first volume, in Seduce we meet the characters, start to know the set and to have some idea about how the supernaturals live And they live a very ordinary life Yes, they ha [...]

    • In paranormal fiction, Succubi are generally represented as the bad guys with an insatiable thirst for human life force and eager to use their sexuality to feed Kenna Blake is different A year has passed since the end of Kiss of Awakening, when she discovered she was a Succubus She knows she can use her powers to attract men so she can feed the necessary three times a week, but the idea disgusts her.Kenna may be a demon, but Jennifer Snyder s characterisation is so vivid, that she is a young wom [...]

    • 3.5 5 Stars I have received an ARC copy of this book from the author for an honest review This review is really hard for me to write, there wasn t anything really wrong with Seduce, but there also wasn t really anything that I absolutely loved about it The characters were all okay, I did like how Kenna seemed like she was a succubus with a conscience Dex was a good character because he provided some comic relief when things got a little boring I would have liked to hear about him though, I thou [...]

    • Seduce follows the story of Kenna Blake She s not like other girls She s a succubus She s having a hard time accepting what she is and has a very interesting way of choosing which type of males she feeds from Her life is anything but ordinary, but her love life is pretty non existent That is until she meets Randall He s a vampire Everything about him draws her to him Maybe Kenna s love life won t be so non existent after all Seduce is my first book by Jennifer Snyder Overall, I found it be quite [...]

    • I originally fell in love with this story after reading The Kiss of Awakening The prequel novella I loved the characters I liked that they added Bree in the book, even as a small part Kenna has morals and that was something I really enjoyed Randall still has me curious and so does Sage I want to love Sage, but I feel like there might be ulterior motives there Dex is awesome I wish everyone could have a werewolf friend like Dex The only thing I didn t like about the book, was the pacing I felt li [...]

    • I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review thank you for the opportunity This book was pretty charming all together I was a bit confused in the beginning trying to understand the world, but in time everything kind of came together for a better picture and it was different from other ideas of succubi that I have read before I thought the plot was a bit predictable, but I did enjoy the banter between characters and the it was an easy read with your usual rich and mysterious ma [...]

    • I received a copy of this book in order to write a honest review.3.5 starsI really really enjoyed reading this book, the characters were likeable and kind of relatable in a sense Though some things were kind of missing, first of all being the supernatural world, how do they co exist with each other, how does one creature work

    • Four wordsIWASFUCKINGBORED No seriously, this novel bored the shit out of me I don t even know how it could possibly be any boring than it actually was The only reason I rated it two stars was because I was actually feeling somewhat nice tonight.

    • A wonderful paranormal adventure I must preface this review by saying the Succubus Kiss series has a special place in my reading heart The prequel to this series Kiss of Awakening was featured in a collection last fall and it was my first experience with Jennifer Snyder s work I have since become a huge fan and have been devouring her books Seduce is book one in Jenn s Succubus Kiss series It is a paranormal romance with a definite new adult edge The series centers around Kenna Blake, a succubus [...]

    • Seduce by Jennifer SnyderBook 1 Succubus Kiss SeriesSource AuthorMy Rating 4 5 starsMy Review One year later For the past year Kenna Blake has lived a fairly normal life Though her dad is gone and her best friend, Bree has moved away, Kenna has been able to move forward with her life She bartends at a popular club, is well on the road to launching her own graphic design business and, only has to feed her succubus needs every 3 4 days Yep, totally normal life Given Kenna s succubus status and her [...]

    • I received an ebook copy of this from Xpresso Book Tours in exchange for an honest review.Seduce is very engaging and I definitely enjoyed it a lot then thought I would There s werewolves, vampires, witches, demons, and the likes While reading it felt so normal for there to be an abundance of supernatural creatures and what they do to survive such as Randal having to drink blood, and Kenna having to kiss men in order to satisfy her hunger It was almost as if humans were the weird ones It was in [...]

    • Was originally posted on Paranormal Sister paranormalsisters Was given a copy from the author in exchange for my honest review What really got me interested in this was that it s about a Succubus, I ve never read a book about one before that wasn t my own So it was fun to read about Kenna, how she dealt with the need to feed I really liked Jennifer s take on Succubus , I really enjoyed how Kenna saw aura s Though I wished Mrs Snyder exampled how Kenna found and came to be friends with other supe [...]

    • Jennifer Snyder is one of my top favorite authors, so I was super excited to start her new Succubus Kiss Series I had previously read Kiss of Awakening, which at the time was part of the Midnight Kiss Box Set, and was really hoping that Ms Snyder would expand on the story and she did Although Seduce can be read without reading Kiss of Awakening, the reader will get some background information that will be helpful when reading Seduce.Kenna is not your average Succubus She only takes what she need [...]

    • I loved this book Kenna has a great personality, where at times has no issue speaking what is on her mind, letting things slip out before she realizes it.It is rare to hear of a succubus story that isn t all revolving around sex and horror stories This story is a rarity First off, Kenna doesn t sleep with those she she drinks from Just a deep kiss, getting the guy worked up, and she can drink down his essence, fulfilling her need while leaving him confused and zoned for awhile The story contains [...]

    • Had potentialSee this review on my new blog morganaextravaganza.weebly OverviewKenna is a succubus who until her awakening , had no idea what she was She is different from others of her kind She has a pure soul and doesn t feed to kill and chooses her meals only to help the nerdy, awkward men by implanting suggestions of confidence and self esteem after she has feed Because she feels like it is a curse, she isolates herself and lives a life of relationship solitude Enter in, mysterious, rich, go [...]

    • I received an ARC of this book but the following is still my honest opinion and review.This is such a fun, easy and entertaining read I loved the humor in this story that came through in how real main character Kenna was Kenna may be paranormal since she is succubus after all, but she was so relatable and charming She has dating mishaps, best friend drama and trouble figuring out her place in this world I fell in love with Kenna and was rooting for her the whole way through There are several tim [...]

    • I was so glad to see that Jennifer Snyder was going to continue the Succubus Kiss series I got a taste of the characters in the novella Kiss of Awakening and fell in love The novella is currently free, so snag this while you can and get an intro to the series Seduce is book one of the Succubus Kiss series The main character, Kenna, is a succubus that has come into her powers and is trying to live her everyday life She s a bartender in the evening and has an eclectic group of friends Sage, a cowo [...]

    • OK, so I really did enjoy this book, but there were some bits and pieces that were missing for me I don t think I ve read a book with a succubus before, which made it a very intriguing storyline And hope to get a whole lot as the series goes on.Where do I start, maybe the characters Kenna, I think she s definitely a person that I d like to be friends with except the whole sucking your energy thing She s pretty chill and is one of those people that you have a low key night with But her life is p [...]

    • I received a copy in exchange for an honest review As a paranormal urban fantasy junkie, I m ashamed to say that this was my first foray into succubi That said, I m glad that I picked this one first.A little slow, but a great voice I love Kenna Blake She s a ridiculously beautiful woman who knows she s beautiful, was dealt some shitty cards in life, then turned them into something good Her character arc fell a little flat for me, but I can see the potential for growth Dex is a great secondary ch [...]

    • Life isn t so bad for succubus, Kenna Blake True, she seems to be the only succubus with a conscience and a specific strategy for finding her male meals, but she has a cute new apartment, a budding graphic design business, and the most unique friends she s ever had.Her personal love life, however, is non existent.Until the legendary vampire Randal Vincent sweeps into her life Even though he isn t someone she set out to date, at least she can kiss him without killing him But when you re dating so [...]

    • Let me start off by saying you should definitely read the prequel, Kiss of Awakening, before starting Seduce It will give you a lot of good background for the main character, Kenna, and make Seduce an even enjoyable read.The central character of Seduce, Kenna, has accepted and grown into her life as a succubus and comes across as a strong female lead which is always a plus for me in the books I read I got a real kick out of Dex, and hope that somewhere along the line we get to see a story cente [...]

    • Ok, so I picked this up because it sounded pretty good I haven t read any paranormal romance in a while so I thought why not Holy cow I was not disappointed This is great I actually stayed up late reading this one I never do that any Mostly because I m getting old and those 2 am nights are harder to spring back from This book though it demanded to be read The characters are fabulous A bit crazy at times but fabulous Even though everyone is some type of paranormal they all felt real Kenna is a su [...]

    • Received a copy in exchange for an honest review I could feel her eyes boring into me as though she wished she could melt portions of my face off with her stare It wasn t that I hadn t ever been confronted by an ex or even a current girlfriend before it was that I d never had to deal with them of the supernatural type before 4 stars, although paranormal isn t my usual genre, I really did like this book It was different, but different in a good way Life isn t so bad for succubus, Kenna Blake True [...]

    • I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review When I think of a succumbus I m thinking of a lot of steam and seduction, but I was a bit surprised at how tame it was I did still enjoy this story immensely, don t get me wrong, I was just expecting a bit In Seduce we are sucked into the story of Kenna Kenna is a succumbus, but she hates what she is and constantly guilts herself for it She doesn t do normal relationships with guys because they are her meals It would be like b [...]

    • Seduce is the first book in Jennifer Synder s , New Adult PNR series, Succubus Kiss It was a fun, entertaining read which I really enjoyed.I love a good PNR and this is my first New Adult one and I have to say I enjoyed it So much so that I went in search of the next book and there s a reason for that which I will explain later.In seduce we have a whole load of paranormal We have are lead Kenna who s a Succubus however one with a conscience She chooses her victims carefully There s Sage her side [...]

    • This book is part of a series and this is the first book I really enjoyed reading this book until I got to the end there is a cliffhanger but other than that the book was good This book will keep you on your toes and you ll be learning about all different kinds of supernaturals I have to say, what a way to start a series Kenna is a succubus with a conscience mind She doesn t do what she does for power or money, she actually rather not have to do it but it s the only way for her to survive She s [...]

    • I received an ARC in exchange for my honest reviewWell this book just seduced me into reading it in one sitting Seduce is the first book in the Succubus Kiss series, however there is a short story lingering out there from Midnight s Kiss called the Kiss of Awakening where you get your first chance at meeting succubi Kenna You don t have to read Kiss of Awakening to read Seduce, however it s an amazing short story and well worth the read Although Kenna is a succubi by nature, she s not your norma [...]

    • I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest reviewSeduce is a fun, fast paced supernatural story featuring characters that I really enjoyed reading about I adored the supernatural world created by Ms Snyder, along with the variety of paranormal beings all mixing together.Kenna was sarcastic and I loved her thoughts Though she was a demon, a succubus, she seemed to care about people and had a conscience Because she can seriously harm a human male, Kenna must seek a man from the [...]

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