Stoned: Jewelry, Obsession, and How Desire Shapes the World #2020

Stoned: Jewelry, Obsession, and How Desire Shapes the World By Aja Raden Stoned Jewelry Obsession and How Desire Shapes the World A NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLERAs entertaining as it is incisive Stoned is a raucous journey through the history of human desire for what is rare and therefore precious What makes a stone a jewel What m
  • Title: Stoned: Jewelry, Obsession, and How Desire Shapes the World
  • Author: Aja Raden
  • ISBN: 9780062334695
  • Page: 262
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Stoned: Jewelry, Obsession, and How Desire Shapes the World By Aja Raden
    Stoned: Jewelry, Obsession, and How Desire Shapes the World By Aja Raden A NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLERAs entertaining as it is incisive, Stoned is a raucous journey through the history of human desire for what is rare, and therefore precious.What makes a stone a jewel What makes a jewel priceless And why do we covet beautiful things In this brilliant account of how eight jewels shaped the course of history, jeweler and scientist Aja Raden tellA NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLERAs entertaining as it is incisive, Stoned is a raucous journey through the history of human desire for what is rare, and therefore precious.What makes a stone a jewel What makes a jewel priceless And why do we covet beautiful things In this brilliant account of how eight jewels shaped the course of history, jeweler and scientist Aja Raden tells an original and often startling story about our unshakeable addiction to beauty and the darker side of human desire.What moves the world is what moves each of us desire Jewelry which has long served as a stand in for wealth and power, glamor and success has birthed cultural movements, launched political dynasties, and started wars Masterfully weaving together pop science and history, Stoned breaks history into three categories Want, Take, and Have and explains what the diamond on your finger has to do with the GI Bill, why green tinted jewelry has been exalted by so many cultures, why the glass beads that bought Manhattan for the Dutch were initially considered a fair trade, and how the French Revolution started over a coveted necklace.Studded with lively personalities and fascinating details, Stoned tells the remarkable story of our abiding desire for the rare and extraordinary.
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      Aja Raden Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Stoned: Jewelry, Obsession, and How Desire Shapes the World book, this is one of the most wanted Aja Raden author readers around the world.

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    • Written in a witty and easy to read manner and imparting some very interesting history and facts, this is the type of nonfiction book I love to read Starting with the use of glass beads by the Dutch to buy what is now known as Manhattan, through Tudor history and Queen Elizabeth s love of pearls, through the infamous necklace that started the downfall of the French monarchy to the Faberge eggs of the Tzarina Alexandria and the Bolsheviks One of the parts I will not forget is the part on diamonds [...]

    • This was a pretty interesting book Key events in history and lite economic theory told through the lens of gems and jewelry The writing was good, the stories interesting and the author has a sense of humour about herself though she did slag fat girls about 10 pages in and that made me want to put the book down.There are some nice photographic centre plates I wish there would have been .The chapter on the Faberge eggs and their role in the Romanov family, the Bolshevik revolution and the subseque [...]

    • I m only giving this book 5 stars because the site doesn t have a 12 star rating This is as much fun as reading ever gets, and the prima facie reason good nonfiction is engaging than fiction History, villains, heroes, economics, world wars, royalty and royalties, 36 inch tall hairdos take that, Donald Trump , a li l island called Manhattan, and a smaller one off the coast of Japan, and science And gems, jewelry and better jewelry Jewelry that somebody else has and you want and the psychology o [...]

    • By turns a history, geology, chemistry or economics lesson, it deserves to be read by all nerds As an added bonus, she s got a sharp wit.

    • I thoroughly enjoyed this wacky book, which is a confluence of chemistry, history, psychology, and technology I had never thought of jewelry as a lens through which to view the various trends and movements through time of the human experience, but the author performs this task very well It is also, in parts, quite funny I highly recommend this book to people who have ever looked at a piece of jewelry, or had a watch I received an advance reading copy ARC , but i could see enjoying this book afte [...]

    • Just like their glittering surfaces, jewels have one, and only one, real power They reflect our desires back to us and show us who we are This is Aja Raden s first book and she is already my queen of non fiction By blending history, humor, and personal experience Raden has created something compulsively readable I think her voice could make any subject appealing.Ever heard that infamous tale of the Native Americans who were swindled out of the island Manhattan by the Dutch for glass beads Spoile [...]

    • What a delightful book Leave it to someone who studied both ancient history and physics in college to bring together the best possible history of the world told through jewels Raden mashed together many disciplines to bring you the story of how jewels affected the world I will list some highlights, but they won t do this book justice Each section, no matter what jewel was analyzed, dove deep in not only how that jewel was discovered or cultivated, it also provided a delicious glimpse into the ps [...]

    • An absolute Gem of a bookI loved this book.What type of book is it though Is it a Yuval Noah Harari big picture look at humanity Is it a Stacy Schiff event based push through history Or is it a subtly irreverent Mary Roach type non fiction book It s a little bit of all of these I came in expecting a Harari esque high level overview of humanity and its conception of value, and though Aja Raden provides that she definitely lapses into pure history.Emeralds bring her into being able to show the fig [...]

    • It was impossible for me to walk past this book Admittedly, I am attracted to book covers and sometimes buy based only on the cover Here, the temptation was doubled because the cover was one huge octagon cut emerald Jewelry attracts me like a magpie and, apparently, I am not alone as author Aja Raden points out in Stoned Jewelry, Obsession, and How Desire Shapes the World Her premise for this book is here, in this quote from the preface, All of human history can be boiled down to these three ver [...]

    • I have worked in the jewelry business for a while now and am often amazed at how attached people are to their jewelry The engagement ring part of it, especially will bring out the crazy in a lot of normally sane people Sure it is pretty, special, valuable, a gift from someone you love, etc but does it truly define us or our relationships This book says yes undoubtedly.Raden focuses on diamonds, emeralds and pearls, recounting the origins of each and the part they played throughout history I am n [...]

    • I was very excited to read this book Stones and history collide One of my favorite topics Unfortunately I found myself let down and would give this 2.5 stars if I could The book presents no original research, instead summarizing information obtained from secondary sources This in itself doesn t bother me much, and the cited sources at least the sources ARE cited were frequently books I ve previously read, and that frankly were better books Stoned is written in a breezy, accessible style that occ [...]

    • There was a lot of really interesting information in this book Unique aspects of history that you won t find in a textbook or be taught in class However, the editorialization of the material and the author s unnecessary commentary, combined with her very casual style of writing, made it quite difficult and frustrating to read at times.

    • This book was not what I thought it would be about It surpassed my expectations I learned so much about history from this book that I wasn t expecting I liked the way it was organized and the tone I give my recommendation.

    • I enjoyed this book way than originally anticipated It is a fascinating take on the history of jewelry mixed with the history of the world in general She wrote in a way that was technical but totally accessible at the same time.

    • I think I realized a few years ago that I wasn t really a jewelry person and that s become obvious since I enjoy the occasional fun of an interesting ring, or a pair of small stud earrings, but that s about it The way to my heart is through cashmere or a nice bag, not sparkly things However After reading this book, maybe I need to rethink this life path Stoned is absolute jewelry porn, talking about stones in the hundreds of carats and the lengths that humans have gone to in order to find, mine [...]

    • Even if you ve heard some of these stories before, you ve never heard them like this Raden employs and obviously enjoys a story telling voice throughout and when she puts it to work in what I m certain will be writing in the future, it will be unmistakably recognizable We can t help it that gems, jewelry, baubles, and various shiny accessories catch our eye Raden makes sure that the interlocking strands of Stoned keep our attention She exhibits a breadth of knowledge, a depth of research, and a [...]

    • This is a history of how Jewels, Gems and precious stones came about since the beginning of time INTERESTING THANK YOU FIRSTREADS FOR THIS FREE BOOK

    • Stoned Jewelry, Obsession, and How Desire Shapes the WorldOne of the good book I ve read after a quite long time It s wonderful mix of history, marketing, fashion and psychology A must read for shopping addict ladies and wise husbands boyfriends Aja Raden clearly explained the reason behind things becoming cheaper or dearer Beauty is a powerful motivator, and it has channeled the course of history from figures like Queen Elizabeth to the sale of Manhattan The value of beautiful objects is far fr [...]

    • I really enjoyed this book The writer was funny and engaging, and it was clear she knew her history I would highly recommend this book for the whole spectrum of readership Throughout the first few chapters, I thought this was a lock for 5 stars, but then I got to the chapter on Queen Mary I s pearl While I wouldn t say the author was wrong on anything, I would say that she mischaracterized the women in this chapter and was often flat out misogynistic in tone throughout Later on in the book she m [...]

    • Aja Raden thoroughly entertains the reader of Stoned with chatty, but well reasoned, accounts of how people s obsessions with and perceptions of precious gems and jewels has defined economics and changed history She tells eight stories starting with the Dutch buying Manhattan for some glass beads, and covering the rise of the De Beers diamond cartel, the emerald trade of the Spanish in the New World, the Russian Czars and Carl Faberge, the effect of Mikimoto figuring out how to culture pearls on [...]

    • 4.5 stars liked a lot An informative and interesting look at the science, psychology, economics, and history of gemstones and jewels told in the context of a select variety of worldwide historical events Although the event details do, at times, become of a focus than the stones themselves, the stories are compelling and do successfully set the stage for revealing specifics about the gemstones Additionally, the comfortably casual and well paced writing keeps the book very engaging I think this b [...]

    • This book was quite interesting Admittedly, I love rocks, crystals and gemstones However, this book has far to offer than facts about diamonds, emeralds and pearls It was full of fascinating tidbits of history and information that I was previously unaware of I was almost equally interested in all the topics covered by the book I suppose I wasn t quite as into the wrist watch section, but I still appreciated learning the history behind it The book spurred me to delve further into several topics [...]

    • Do you have a diamond ring How about a pearl necklace Ever wonder why you felt you needed to have them Why do we humans covet shiny things so much Did you know the Spanish Armada met its doom partly over one perfect pearl Or that the South African diamond cartel DeBeers has tricked people into thinking they need to give or receive a diamond engagement ring costing two months salary even though diamonds are cheap and plentiful Forget everything you know, or think you know, about jewels Stoned Jew [...]

    • This is a fabulous book It s a wonderful blend of economics, science, jewelry, and psychology Raden has a wonderful way of explaining things I loved the asides, and the footnotes Yes None of those crappy endnotes where you have to flip back and forth I found myself entranced with the geological explanations for the stones, how cultured pearls are made traumatic , and with the technological and military advances that made watches wristlets the clock of the 20th century Nitpicks she s occasionally [...]

    • I m not a fan of non fiction books, but if to write and publish one, it surely must be something like this It s interesting, entertaining and gives us details of some historical events I ve never heard before Highly recommend

    • Filled with interesting tales of jewels and how they drive desire, but missing a little oomph I expected a few stories of specific gems and a lot less history.

    • If I could give this than five stars I would I haven t enjoyed a non fiction this much in a long time She seamlessly transitions between narrow and broad focus while adroitly juggling multiple timelines She doesn t focus as exclusively on jewelry as I initially thought she would, but the wonderful way she narrates the history and contextualizes so thoroughly makes up for that And for those academically minded this is an excellent example of how to do multi disciplinary work I highly recommend t [...]

    • Fascinating If only high school classes could have been conducted in this storytelling format so much interesting than your basic history class.

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