The Heart of Evangelism #2020

The Heart of Evangelism By Jerram Barrs The Heart of Evangelism All Christians are called Called to love God with all that we are Called to serve Him Called to reach out to the lost However if we are honest the majority of us would admit that we find this last c
  • Title: The Heart of Evangelism
  • Author: Jerram Barrs
  • ISBN: 9781581347159
  • Page: 445
  • Format: Paperback
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    The Heart of Evangelism By Jerram Barrs All Christians are called Called to love God with all that we are Called to serve Him Called to reach out to the lost However, if we are honest, the majority of us would admit that we find this last calling the most difficult While we gladly support the evangelistic ministries of others, many of us feel discouraged by our own attempts at witnessing because our memorizAll Christians are called Called to love God with all that we are Called to serve Him Called to reach out to the lost However, if we are honest, the majority of us would admit that we find this last calling the most difficult While we gladly support the evangelistic ministries of others, many of us feel discouraged by our own attempts at witnessing because our memorized approaches don t seem to work.This biblical study of evangelism gracefully reminds us that the New Testament model of witnessing is not a one size fits all methodology With compassion for the lost filling every page, Jerram Barrs shows the variety of approaches used in the New Testament where the same uncompromised Gospel was packaged as differently as the audience and calls you to follow its example.You can learn to witness comfortably in your particular circumstances so that sharing Christ doesn t feel like a chore And as you watch God work in the lives of others and see the great blessings He brings, you ll discover what a privilege it is to live out the heart of evangelism truly loving others to Christ.
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    • Jerram Barrs

      Jerram Barrs is Professor of Christianity and Contemporary Culture at Covenant Theological Seminary, as well as a founder and Resident Scholar of the Francis Schaeffer Institute there He was a part of Schaeffer s L Abri Fellowship in Switzerland shortly after becoming a Christian and he and his wife were on staff at English L Abri for many years During our 18 years at L Abri and in my role as a pastor, we provided constant hospitality, talked through endless questions received from both believers and unbelievers, led discussions, taught and preached, offered pastoral care, participated in lots of practical work serving people and doing home and garden chores with them Interests.

    372 thoughts on “The Heart of Evangelism

    • Great outline of memorized presentation of Gospel and instruction when how to use one and good exposition of Scripture to follow in the methods of Jesus

    • Beautiful and rich in content I loved Barrs as a professor in seminary and I find myself returning to this book from time to time Great encouragement and great resource for teaching and sharing with others.

    • Fantastic book on evangelism Simple but profound, deeply Biblical, compassionate, comprehensive, realistic, and hopeful A must read

    • In evangelism, the work of the Holy Spirit is the deciding factor when it comes to affecting repentance and conversion It was good to be reminded that the Holy Spirit is at work in the heart of someone before they make a profession of faith in Christ It is easy to assume that God is so powerful that all in an instant God transforms a person s heart Though this is not beyond God s power, I would be so bold as to say that this is not normally the way that God changes people s hearts He seems to pr [...]

    • There s a wealth of riches in this book that I don t think I would ve been open to without reading in a class or some sort of group setting Coming on the heels of a class on the Life Letters of Paul, and running concurrently with my women s bible study on Acts, Barrs insights are pretty illuminating.

    • I ll begin by saying that if Francis Schaeffer was going to write a book today on evangelism it would look sound a lot like this one Too many books on evangelism display an over reliance on the tools insights of psychology marketing strategy There is some value in that but the biblical theological foundations on which the latest techniques most dynamic strategies rest end up being superficial at best In contrast to all this The Heart of Evagelism serves to remind us of what is truly essential to [...]

    • A must read along with its companion volume, Learning Evangelism from Jesus I enjoyed the second volume , though that may be because of the solid foundation built here Read this first, then the second Here Barrs sets out his philosphy of evangelism, in the companion volume, he demonstrates it in practice These books completely changed my concept of evangelism Full review of both volumes can be found here.

    • What single word can send people running for the hills than the word evangelism This book moves beyond the salesman approach to telling people about the Gospel, and even explains why that approach is disrespectful to everyone involved including God The author addresses issues facing evangelism today postmodernism, relativism, etc The author is a realist and does not sugar coat the fact that we have lost our sense of a shared story But, he addresses these issues with sensible and practical appro [...]

    • Jerram Barrs does a lot of good in this book, especially when it comes to identifying gentleness and the fruit of the Spirit as essential to evangelism I did feel as if the book was written with Barrs filtering his expectations through his personal experience at times especially in areas such as school as mission I did appreciate him identifying his own speculation at the biblical stories he used for illustration but at times they went too far.

    • A somewhat unconventional approach to the subject of evangelism Barrs examines the applicability of the Great Commission to modern Christians, God s responsibility in evangelism, barriers that hinder evangelism from happening, and seven principles that can be gleaned from the Apostle Paul Lots of helpful material here It s especially encouraging that Barrs sticks so closely to the biblical text when drawing out his seven principles in the last section of the book.

    • Though I have never met him, I have benefited greatly from Professor Barrs teaching and lectures available on the internet His audio material on evangelism is compelling and faith building, and I thank God for his teaching That said, his writing style in this book isn t compelling, and I didn t benefit from it as much as his spoken lectures But I can still recommend the contents unreservedly I just found Professor Barrs a better lecturer than writer.

    • One of the best treatments of the topic of evangelism I ve encountered, both in the scope what is evangelism where does the Bible talk about this and in the character of the work how should we evangelize how should we treat others Not merely a manual or a theological reflection, but a beautiful blend of the two.

    • The last half of the book was absolutely fantastic Barrs analysis of Paul s method of evangelism was very helpful to me I give the latter half 5 stars The first half, however, didn t really communicate a uniform message and left me scratching my head The book would have been much better if it were just the second half Overall a great read, though.

    • Best book I ve read thus far on evangelism Having Barrs as a professor is the best but his writing captures his heart so well that it s a close second The book is informative, challenging, and motivating It is far about cultivating a heart for evangelism than burdening us with the daunting task of evangelism.

    • Good book A little dry at places, but provides a very helpful overview of a biblical understanding of evangelism You can tell Barrs has spent many years talking to people wrestling with Christianity, and even owns the questions non Christians ask for himself.

    • The best book on evangelism that I have read I am also biased by the fact that I read this for Jerram s Apologetics Outreach class at Covenant Seminary so he taught much of the material in class as well Very thoughtful having had him as a teacher, the ethos of this book overwhelms me.

    • A basic read on apologetics Nothing fancy, but still a very helpful beginners look at how one shares their faith in Christ lovingly.

    • Good balance of the issues related to sharing your faith Accessible to anyone except people who shop for books in pop Christian F y Bookstore or the like.

    • This is a basic and theologically solid book on evangelism with practical advice on communicating the gospel effectively.

    • Incredible One of the best books I ve readd NOT like so many others on the topic of sharing the gospel through relationship

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