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True Crime By Peter Styles True Crime This is the first book in the Drop Dead series However it can be read by itself stand alone Geo is constantly misunderstood he has parents that he can hardly tolerate a well meaning and loving broth
  • Title: True Crime
  • Author: Peter Styles
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  • Page: 339
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • True Crime By Peter Styles True Crime Stories Real Murder Cases, Kidnapping News From serial killers to shocking current events, these true crime stories prove that sometimes real life is a lot darker than fiction. Crime PEOPLE Get the latest crime news and updates from PEOPLE, including true crime sagas, cold cases and breaking national news. True Crime Mar , TRUE CRIME is a picture some will appreciate than others What s for certain is that there are much worse ways to spend minutes It s worth a look on a rainy night of people True Crime The Washington Post About True Crime Ranging far and wide for the most fascinating, quirky and important stories on crime, policing and the courts. True Crime Stories Bizarrepedia True Crime stories with rich visuals pictures, audio and video From well known serial killers, to little known, but often the most sinister and evil criminals It does not matter if criminal minds are born True Crime The Lineup True Crime Dive into our comprehensive true crime archive, from little known murder cases and chilling unsolved slayings to history s most infamous serial killers Gripping True Crime Books from the
    True Crime By Peter Styles This is the first book in the Drop Dead series However, it can be read by itself stand alone Geo is constantly misunderstood he has parents that he can hardly tolerate, a well meaning and loving brother who is disturbed by Geo s true crime obsession, and all of his friends are online The one saving grace for him is his best friend and co host of his true crime podcasThis is the first book in the Drop Dead series However, it can be read by itself stand alone Geo is constantly misunderstood he has parents that he can hardly tolerate, a well meaning and loving brother who is disturbed by Geo s true crime obsession, and all of his friends are online The one saving grace for him is his best friend and co host of his true crime podcast, Lex, who he s been in love with for years There s only a few issues 1 Lex lives across the country 2 The two have no idea what the other looks like 3 Geo is way too afraid to risk losing Lex to tell him how he feels At first, Geo thinks that the perfect solution is for them to go to a horror convention together, but sharing a hotel room for three days will bring questions than answers for the two This book contains sexually explicit content and not suitable for anyone under the age of 18.
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      Hello everyone My name is Peter Styles I am a young new gay writer who is in love with reading and writing gay romance I hope my stories keep you as entertained as much as I like writing them If you would like to join my insider s club, and get free books, click the link njtQnR

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    • 3.5 I ve been trying to find some decent reads on Kindle Unlimited and this one was one of them.I honestly didn t know what to expect from this, and I did struggle in the beginning, but it grew on me and I ended up enjoying it.I loved the banter between Lex and Geo Their relationship flows easily and it s obvious that after three years of being best friends that their feelings have grown romantically even if they ve never seen what the other one looks like They met on a forum where peoples inte [...]

    • I loved these two Geo and Lex were just so normal although they may be a bit weird for some I liked watching them figure out how move from a 5 year online friendship to confessing their love they ve each had since pretty much day 1.You know what else I loved No angst No bitchy ex s No every other ridiculous thing.Just these two that are awesome

    • True Crime Drop Dead Book 1 BY Peter StylesFour starsWhat if you fell in love with someone you d never even seen George Durand and Alex Fletcher are best friends, and have been for years They each have day jobs, but together they have a successful online podcast called the Creep Corner during which they chatter about true crime stories.Thing is, neither Geo nor Lex has any idea what the other looks like It takes a horror convention in Detroit to finally bring Lex and Geo together, and Geo s big [...]

    • DNF at 33% At this point in the book the protagonists should be a lot closer to actually meeting Or there should be at least some indication that the chemistry is mutual.Instead it s all Geo pining and having disastrous dates with other people while dealing with his family issues This might be interesting reading for some people but I wanted to read about what the summary promised.That part still seems a way off and so I m bailing on this.

    • Wow, this might be my favorite book by Peter Styles so far It may even be among my favorite gay romances I m not quite sure why, but Lex and Geo s story really got me emotionally It s a great feeling, because I rarely feel this intense and crazy about a couple this quickly I was hooked on their romance within the first few chapters already In fact, I rarely feel so strongly about a couple whose story was under 300 pages I know there are two sequels, but I m only talking about True Crime here If [...]

    • Peter Styles True Crime, book one in the Drop Dead series, is at least eleventeen kinds of fun, and I m so glad I happened upon it.There are many little moments in this short novel that had me smiling, if not outright laughing, and one of the absolute best and endearing relationships in it is Geo s with his twin brother, Mark Their craptastic upbringing has, for all intents and purposes, left them a family of two, and their closeness is sweet, their connection so genuine, and their dialogue is p [...]

    • I loved how Geo and Lex built their relationship from the inside out, not the outside in They each are strong, funny, thoughtful, vulnerable, loving, and generally don t take themselves too seriously unless it involves how they are effecting or supporting the other There were several moments for them at the horror convention that were personal favorites of mine I loved reading about them finally experiencing everything they never thought they could have, but had essentially already created for t [...]

    • Cute wierdSo okay being nerdy over serial killers is a bit wierd, however Geo and Lex are normal guys They are good looking caring men with very little social lives They are very different but also have so much in common Its amazing that they have never actually seen eachother Yet they know about each other than even their families do I love how much I knew about Geo in his reactions with his family and hopefully in the next book there will be something similar for Lex I m very interested to kn [...]

    • Moments of necessary hilarity My favorite part the time around the attack on the door The conversation right before and their actions after.Tears in my eyes You ll totally get it when you read it, but I don t do spoilers Except you re gonna love this.I voluntarily reviewed an advanced copy of this book.

    • What a hoot Yes, there were some editing errors Yes, the book has a very slow start But once Lex walks into the story, and I mean literally walks onto the scene, I was hooked Here were two best friends for over three years, working an audio podcast together Yet they have never met, nor ever seen a picture of each other It was sweet, yet oh, so very funny I laughed Continually, for over half the book Plus, I did learn some creepy things about some true crime killers.

    • Fantastic Lex and Geo are the most cutest men to ever hit the pages Great read and looking forward to following these two completely opposite yet made for each other people.

    • The book blurb does a much better job of describing this book than I ever could I totally loved this book The interaction between Geo and Lex was great It was humorous, totally different than what I have I have ever read before I did not know what a pod cast until I looked it up We have two MC s Geo and Lex who have been best friends for over 5 years, they test and talk daily, run a icky pod cast together yet, they decided early on in their friendship not exchange pictures or met with one anothe [...]

    • 3.5 stars can t decide whether to round up or downI didn t know what to expect from this but happened to see it on the Kindle Unlimited list and thought I would give it a go and I loved some aspects friends to lovers, the fact these guys hadn t met, hadn t even seen what each other looked like but were the best of friends for 3 years, and clearly in love with each other too So the first half of the book was great I loved the banter, the way they spoke on the phone podcast, I wanted of this.But [...]

    • George AKA Geo and his best friend Alex AKA Lex are well known for their podcast about True Crime It has humor, and talks about things others do not like to discuss Many family members are not good about it and dating Forget it.Lex and Geo have never met They talk every day, and their friendship is solid Others find this weird, of course No one really understands these two but them Love must come next, right Sincere and sweet in so many ways This story made me laugh, cry and just all around feel [...]

    • Total fail for me I did not like this book at all Geo talked so much about his wealth and his ridiculous parents, and his brother wanting to buy groceries for their mother, even though she lived in a mansion and had servants, the poor thing Ugh Every guy Geo met, had the hots for him, but he just saw himself as totally unattractive and boring Give me a break Now Lex, just his physical description turned me off, and the fact that he smoked There was no basis for their attraction It didn t seem li [...]

    • So I accidentally got this book on KU thinking it was something else I was half way through before I even remembered it wasn t what I was trying to read I was hooked The whitty banter, the hilarious comedy, the sexual tension UGh this book was fabulous I definitely will be finding by this author

    • Super cute read with great charactersI loved this cute story with a couple of True Crime buffs who become best friends online and run a podcast together The characters were quirky, and the chemistry between them was great when they got together In person for a convention How have I never read anything by this author before

    • Good read I enjoyed reading True Crime even though it was a slow start, however, once it got st a rated it took off Now that Geo Lex are together I know that there is to come I will recommend this book to my fellow readers but Peter, please don t keep your followers waiting too long, I can t wait to read about Lex Geo Good readDB

    • Weirdo loveI freaking loved this book As a person who is also weirdly obsessed with serial killers I loved the banter between Led and Geo Super funny and sweet friends to lovers romance.

    • Yes Fun, funny and a grin on my face the whole time It s a great book and hard to put down I can t wait to read about Lex and Geo.

    • I absolutely loved this story.As a podcast, fan fiction and convention junkie.I feel like this book was made for me.

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