It's Only Acting: Secret Billionaire Romance #2020

It's Only Acting: Secret Billionaire Romance By Jackson Kane It s Only Acting Secret Billionaire Romance Imagine me nakedPractice makes perfectIt s only actingWhenever Olivia Ward got nervous before a play that s what I d tell her Stunningly beautiful and extremely talented it was no wonder she became
  • Title: It's Only Acting: Secret Billionaire Romance
  • Author: Jackson Kane
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  • Page: 197
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  • It's Only Acting: Secret Billionaire Romance By Jackson Kane
    It's Only Acting: Secret Billionaire Romance By Jackson Kane Imagine me nakedPractice makes perfectIt s only actingWhenever Olivia Ward got nervous before a play that s what I d tell her.Stunningly beautiful, and extremely talented, it was no wonder she became a famous actress But before all that my best friend had to learn a few things the hard way.One the ones you love most will let you down the hardest Two Romeo and Juliet isImagine me nakedPractice makes perfectIt s only actingWhenever Olivia Ward got nervous before a play that s what I d tell her.Stunningly beautiful, and extremely talented, it was no wonder she became a famous actress But before all that my best friend had to learn a few things the hard way.One the ones you love most will let you down the hardest Two Romeo and Juliet is overrated Three the last hard lesson nearly hung down to my knee, and sexy as hell Olivia was a slow learner.Growing up I d lost my family and she was the only one who saved me From that second on we knew we were meant to be together She was the cool headed, smart YIN to my hot tempered, protective YANG.Six months to turn eighteen and we had it all figured out.Until, with one sentence, her a hole father ruined everything.Now six years later I m suddenly one of the most powerful men in the world and she s the one who needs saving I m her only chance.She can hate me all she wants but we both knowIt s only acting This beyond steamy, second chance love story simultaneously follows Olivia and Bastien when they met as open hearted teenagers and are reunited as strong willed adults Both heart touching storylines come together to give the couple their hard won HEA Absolutely no cheating Get ready to laugh, cry and cheer for these star crossed lovers There s also a special unique gift from the author to you at the end of the story
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      Jackson Kane is a professional stuntman, athlete, romance author, and above all else, a hopeless romantic From American Ninja Warrior, to some of your favorite films, Jackson brings a unique writing style forged from countless harrowing adventures.He s a lover of travel, his fans, his romance author peers, dulce de leche, and all things beautifully weird and interesting He invites you to relax, have a whiskey sour and let him thrill and excite you in a way no other author can Jackson will show you what the world looks like through the eyes of a genuine Bad Boy Come with him, and read dangerously.

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    • 4.5 Hollywood Stars I love a good second chance romance story and It s Only Acting hits the spot front and center I was intrigued from the start with Olivia and her big break with her acting career, I love how she s still so down to earth and a people person Bastien has so much to him then meets the eye and as we learn about him I can t help but fall and for this man It s a nice change to read a story with both main characters POV s being switched throughout and it s not repetitive, we conti [...]

    • Olivia and Bastien knew each other in high school but traveled in different circles Bastien was a sports star and king of the popular crowd Although Olivia s father was a famous actor, she kept to herself and had very few friends When Bastien s new puppy escaped from him and ran up to Olivia, it started a new friendship that grew into so much , but then Bastien dropped out of Olivia s life only to return years later when her life was at risk With so much hurt and so many unanswered questions, le [...]

    • Bastien and Olivia met when they were in high school He was the bad boy superstar athlete and she was the shy nerdy girl who excelled in the drama club Olivia s father was a famous arrogant mega rich actor He controlled every detail of Olivia s live He treated Olivia horribly, presumably because her mom died during childbirth Olivia s father drove a wedge between Bastien and Olivia when they were falling in love during their senior year of high school Bastien left and became an underground fight [...]

    • Arc kindly provided in exchange for an honest review Another amazing book by Jackson Kane Oliver Ward is the daughter of a famous controlling actor When her family starts to received death threats Her family employ a bodyguard called Bastien Kantos The ex boyfriend and the only guy to broke her heart 5 Hollywood Stars

    • This is another amazing book by Jackson KaneHi Girls just let me make your dreams come true all you have to do is 1 Imagine me all ripped, sixpack and naked2 More Practice makes it than perfect3 Pretend to yourself that it s only you acting like you don t want me However when I found out that the gorgeous Olivia Ward got nervous before every play that s what I decided that I d tell her.Olivia is stunningly beautiful Did I tell you that Olivia is extremely talented, and it s no wonder why Olivia [...]

    • A great plot, I love Hollywood stories even though IMO it needs editing This one didn t have a lot of action in a movie set and it didn t have a hunky movie star but it was ok, because it had a hunky bodyguard Olivia Ward belongs to a legendary Hollywood family Her father, Devlin Ward, comes from Hollywood royalty, and so he expects and demands a certain behavior from Olivia The result she s shy, introverted, invisible in the school, but shines in the school theatre club.Bastien is a military br [...]

    • Olivia and Bastien attended the same high school, but ran in very different crowds he was the ultimate jock, the ultimate player, who never had the same girl twice she was the girl no one noticed even though her father was an A list actor They met when Bastien s puppy got loose and ran up to Olivia as she was walking to school An unlikely friendship began between the two And grew into something , but those feelings went unacknowledged Then Bastien left, breaking Olivia s heart He reappears 7 yea [...]

    • Olivia Bastien have known each other since High School He ran with the popular crowd, but always harbored a secret crush on Olivia She was the daughter of a famous Hollywood Leading Man, but didn t have a whole lot of friends And for whatever reason, they kept passing each other like ships in the night, until they finally admitted feelings, but he broke her heart Now they cross paths years later, when he becomes her bodyguard See, Olivia is not a famous actress, but there s someone out to attack [...]

    • Another home run for Jackson Kane Olivia and Bastien have reconnected after years apart after knowing each other during high school and neither is entirely thrilled with the situation, being that they didn t part on good terms However, Olivia and her family are in danger and Bastien has been tasked with keeping her safe from harm This situation is easy for neither of them because Olivia is a famous actress in the public eye and being with a rough around the edges guy like Bastien could potential [...]

    • I told her that you needed her as much as she needed you Jackson Kane s has begun to perfect his craft as he puts words to page In fact, this is my favorite book of his to date It s Only Acting is a story told in dual points of view in which he successfully moves the story forward with each character and skillfully builds in pieces from the past to paint a complete picture of two broken individuals fighting to find their strength, and simply looking for genuine love and acceptance.Filled with a [...]

    • Huh, well then, I have to say I was a little iffy in the beginning of this book, I didn t really have a reason why just did not seem like the story was something I would thoroughly enjoy, but I felt like I needed to keep reading The characters Oliva and Bastien there was just something about them I couldn t put my finger on it at the time, but I still wanted to know .Thank the fictional Gods I did, whatever spell Jackson Kane cast throughout the storyline I ended up being a hooked line a sinker [...]

    • Wow what a fantastic book by Jackson Once again another 5 plus read This was such an emotional story between Bastian Olivia aka Olive she s trying to fade into the background like wallpaper and Bastian who s new in her school decides their going to be friend s and that their going to be together and everything just clicks until her dad says something and everything disappears.6 yrs go by and friendships that were are gone and Bastian who s grown into a very rich man and someone you don t want to [...]

    • Jackson Kane pulls you in again His storytelling is so detailed you feel like you are experiencing everything right along side the characters.Olivia Bastien s story starts years ago When opposite attract and they pull out the strengths in one another to handle those around them Their story is not an easy one and they end up on very different paths for years Eventually when they reconnect the chemistry is still there but they are both unsure how to handle it all So many twists and turns and you j [...]

    • It s Only Acting is the first book by Jackson Kane I ve had the opportunity to read I enjoyed the storyline of this book I especially like reading past and present in the same chapter It was like reading two books at the same time The book itself moved a bit slow, but was necessary in tying the past and present together, that is until the last few chapters Then I couldn t seem to turn the pages fast enough Bastien and Olivia s story starts back in their high school days Bastien, the friend fight [...]

    • It s not easy to write a romance involving actors and keep them real It s Only Acting is real, and it also hits home with two individuals who didn t get to stay together Olivia and Bastien had different paths in life, but somehow those paths converged years later when they ve both become successful people I loved that the chemistry didn t diminish between them, yet they had now grown up, and as adults, they had to find a way to handle the electrically charged attraction that continued to grow be [...]

    • It s Only Acting by Jackson Kane is wonderful It had everything I was wanting It was hot, suspense filled fun I loved how It s Only Acting was essentially a twist on Romeo and Juliet You know without them killing themselves I d be willing to watch my city burn, if it meant I could be with my Juliet forever Bastien was an alpha done right He not only was rough around the edges and a true bad boy, but he was romantic at the same time He had me swooning with the depth of his love that never stopped [...]

    • Amazing Such a wonderful , exciting, up and down crazy road for Bastien and Olivia and their second chance at love They go through so much apart and together that it actually makes them better people Its Only Acting is my second read from Jackson and I couldn t be impressed This book was intense And each chapter ends with a cliff hanger that makes you want to keep reading when I wasn t reading it I found myself thinking about it and the characters And the ending Can t say I saw that coming alt [...]

    • WOW this is my second Jackson Kane book and I continue to get blown away with his storytelling.Told in the dual point of view and a dual timeline of the past and the present The past Olivia is a shy high school student with a passion for acting Bastien is a athlete, who only has eyes for Olivia until her father pushes them apart Flash forward six years Olivia, an actor who is in need of protection after there has been an attempt on her father s life Enter Bastien, who through a wealthy benefacto [...]

    • Yet another wickedly good book that is a must read It is a hot and steamy story of two lost souls finding each other again Olivia Ward is the daughter of a famous domineering actor father, she can never seem to be free of his control When death attempts start to plague her family, her new bodyguard is Bastien Kantos, the boy who broke her heart He will protect her at any cost, quite literally He has all the resources at his disposal and isn t afraid to use them He s never stopped loving this wom [...]

    • Another hit on his hands This book was about two young people who had no one in their lives but each other Through all the years they didn t know what their lives would turn out to be When death threats start becoming a regular thing in pops Bastien again Olive is still feeling what she felt back then but her father the ass that he is knows just how to push the right buttons But by the end of the book the lives come full circle and they finally get the happily ever after that they should of had [...]

    • Bastien and Olivia have a past An intense, passionate, deep routed past that was torn away from them Emotions run rampant when the two collide as adults Olivia s acting career has taken off and launched her into the spotlight, but also danger Bastien has been keeping tabs and manages to become her personal bodyguard As the story progresses we get a glimpse of past and present, that ties this love story together Intrigue, danger, love, passion, confusion, and a surprising deception, will keep you [...]

    • So I will be honest I am still fairly new to Jackson Kane s writing, however I am absolutely loving it I love a good second chance romance with all the feels and that is exactly what you get with this story.The characters are well written The story actually keeps you guessing and I love the way you get both points of view and you get to see the characters as they were younger and how they are now It is really great to get to see that growth and change It is a sexy, sweet, fun and emotional ride [...]

    • As always Jackson did it again The chemistry between Bastian and Olivia was intense Mix together a situation where someone is trying to harm her and her family and having to get a bodyguard and not being able to pick the bodyguard herself Then finding out that the bodyguard watching her was a long lost love that took off 6 years ago Can they cope with the situation they ve been thrown into Can they fight the chemistry they once had or accept it There are a lot of exciting twists and excitement w [...]

    • Olivia and Bastion two fated lover destined to have to fight for their happily ever after Wow, what a story The characters all having their own angst and issues about love, yet loving fiercely and passionately I felt sucked into their love as the story escalated, wanting to cheer for each other as they shed the uncertainty surrounding whether they have the courage to do as their hearts demand Want a great love story, read this Want a great underdog rises to win story, read this Want a great esca [...]

    • It s Only Acting is a good read Bastien and Olivia are great, likeable characters Bastien and Olivia knew each other before but haven t seen each other in a long time but the connection is still there We get past and present in this story which is helpful in understanding their connection Olivia is a famous actress but she s still under her father s control I really liked this story There were a surprising twist I felt think the last part of the book was a little rushed but overall it was a good [...]

    • I received this book as an ARC in exchange for a honest review Olivia was so withdrawn from everyone while she was a kid but Bastian brought out the real person she was He saw her for who she really was I loved these two together Loved their back and forth bickering lol These two were meant to be together I really enjoyed how each chapter had a part of the past It really helped make this story great I liked the mystery behind who was out to hurt the Ward family Keeps you on your toes I never exp [...]

    • My kind of book, reunited 6 years later high school sweetheart friends, each chapter starts with their past and present from both Olivia and Bastian p.o.v drama from all around, mistakes they made and dreams how they want to make their lives better, grudges from unexpected characters a secret about Olivia that she didn t even know Non stop action, suspense and love kept my attention from start to finish For the ending I had to get from instafreebie the epilogue for the HEA I received an ARC in e [...]

    • Apparently I have been hiding under a rock It s Only Acting is the first book I have read by Jackson Kane, but it will not be my last I was drawn into the story from the very beginning and could not put it down Bastion and Olivia have known each since high school Their paths took different courses, but they have reconnected Olivia has finally caught a break with her acting career I love her character Bastiengh He is so much than I thought he would be I absolutely loved their story I look forwar [...]

    • I did like this book I really liked how it went from past to present and the past scenes related to the present scenes I liked Olivia She was under so much pressure from so many people I m surprised she didn t snap I liked Bash too I could tell he still cared for Olivia after all those years I really wanted him and Olivia to be together I really love books to be wrapped up and a couple loose ends were left hanging at the end of this book I m still confused about some things but it didn t hinder [...]

    • It isn t only acting that makes this story The title is an important phrase in this story, but this story is so much Meeting early on and working through teenage issues, breaking away but finding each other again although it was not a case of out of sight, out of mind and having to deal with issues I loved the way the author dealt with the different issues that could change the outcome and how the characters were able to overcome old feelings to allow changes in their lives Loved the twist at [...]

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