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A New Song By Jan Karon A New Song In A New Song Mitford s longtime Episcopal priest Father Tim retires However new challenges and adventures await when he agrees to serve as interim minister of a small church on Whitecap Island He
  • Title: A New Song
  • Author: Jan Karon
  • ISBN: 9780143035077
  • Page: 265
  • Format: Paperback
  • A New Song By Jan Karon
    A New Song By Jan Karon In A New Song, Mitford s longtime Episcopal priest, Father Tim, retires However, new challenges and adventures await when he agrees to serve as interim minister of a small church on Whitecap Island He and his wife, Cynthia, soon find that Whitecap has its own unforgettable characters a church organist with a mysterious past, a lovelorn bachelor placing personal ads, a mIn A New Song, Mitford s longtime Episcopal priest, Father Tim, retires However, new challenges and adventures await when he agrees to serve as interim minister of a small church on Whitecap Island He and his wife, Cynthia, soon find that Whitecap has its own unforgettable characters a church organist with a mysterious past, a lovelorn bachelor placing personal ads, a mother battling paralyzing depression They also find that Mitford is never far away when circumstances back home keep their phone ringing off the hook In this fifth novel of the beloved series, fans old and new will discover that a trip to Mitford and Whitecap is twice as good for the soul.
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      Born Janice Meredith Wilson in 1937, Jan Karon was raised on a farm near Lenoir, North Carolina Karon knew at a very early age that she wanted to be a writer She penned her first novel when she was 10 years old, the same year she won a short story contest organized by the local high school Karon married as a teenager and had a daughter, Candace At 18, Karon began working as a receptionist for a Charlotte, N.C advertising agency She advanced in the company after leaving samples of her writing on the desk of her boss, who eventually noticed her talent Karon went on to have a highly successful career in the field, winning awards for ad agencies from Charlotte to San Francisco In time, she became a creative vice president at the high profile McKinney Silver, in Raleigh While there, she won the prestigious Stephen Kelly Award, with which the Magazine Publishers of America honor the year s best print campaign During her years in advertising, Karon kept alive her childhood ambition to be an author At the age of 50, she left her career in advertising and moved to Blowing Rock, North Carolina, to pursue that dream After struggling and failing to get a novel underway, Karon awoke one night with a mental image of an Episcopal priest walking down a village street She grew curious about him, and started writing Soon, Karon was publishing weekly installments about Father Tim in her local newspaper, The Blowing Rocket, which saw its circulation double as a result It certainly worked for Mr Dickens , says Karon The Father Tim stories became Karon s first Mitford novel, At Home in Mitford That book has since been nominated three times 1996, 1997, and 1998 for an ABBY American Booksellers Book of the Year Award , which honors titles that bookstore owners most enjoy recommending to customers, and the only book ever nominated for three consecutive years The fourth Mitford novel, A New Song, won both the Christy and Gold Medallion awards for outstanding contemporary fiction in 2000 A Common Life, In This Mountain, and Shepherd s Abiding have also won Gold Medallion awards Out to Canaan was the first Mitford novel to hit the New York Times bestseller list subsequent novels have debuted on the New York Times list, often landing the 1 spot Karon has also published two Christmas themed books based on the Mitford series, The Mitford Snowmen and Esther s Gift, as well as Jan Karon s Mitford Cookbook and Kitchen Reader Other Mitford books include Patches of Godlight Father Tim s Favorite Quotes, a compilation of wit and wisdom, and A Continual Feast Words of Comfort and Celebration, Collected by Father Tim In addition, Karon has written two children s books, Miss Fannie s Hat and Jeremy The Tale of an Honest Bunny, and an illustrated book for all ages, The Trellis and the Seed Karon says her character driven work seeks to give readers a large, extended family they can call their own Though Light From Heaven is officially the final novel in the series, there s yet another Mitford book in this prolific author Karon urges her millions of ardent fans to look for the Mitford Bedside Companion, releasing in the Fall of 2006 It has everything in it but the kitchen sink , says Karon.

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    • I like these books.a suppose the word mildly should be in there somewhere, except that would be a little misleading What I mean is that in some ways these are mild stories.I was in a funk for a while recently I couldn t find anything book wise that appealed to me I was depressed in general and in constant low grade pain I had read some of these some years ago as my wife s health grew worse and worse Some people think of these as women s reads I ve said before in other reviews that I m not sure w [...]

    • Fifth in the Father Tim Kavanaugh of Mitford, NC series.Retirement is not all it was supposed to be for Father Tim Even though he s supplied churches here and there, he s restless and dissatisfied So that when the opportunity comes to spend at least a year as an interim priest for a small parish on Whitecap Island in Pimlico Sound, he grasps at the opportunity eagerly So what if he and cynthia are not particularly fond of sea and sand Follows then a year of challenges, not the least of which inv [...]

    • Like all the other Mitford books, this is full of humor and kindness I love to return to this series, they always give me hope and remind me to treat others with kindness and it is never to late to pray in fact I should be praying always The Mitford series is gentle and I don t have to think too hard or be caught up in a dramatic plot sometimes just what I need comfort in a book

    • Ok this THIS is my favourite Mitford book, though ironically enough, it s not even set in Mitford.I loved getting to know the folks on Whitecap Island, and how they pulled together to help each other in their extremities I loved how Father Tim was willing to listen to God s leading, even when it didn t make sense.But, most of all, I loved the sermon he preached at the end on Homecoming Day That was the Gospel, plain and precious than I have heard it in any book other than Scripture itself My [...]

    • This is my favorite Mitford book so far There are no major plot stories here, although the book is full of drama and some tense moments I loved this book for the spiritual journey of it s charachters, including Fr Tim I was moved to tears at times I haven t darkened the door of a church in years, except to attend a wedding or funeral, but found myself worshipping alonside the members of the tiny seaside church The call to faith was so profound I felt my heart stop.Father Tim preaches a sermon, t [...]

    • 1.1 1.5.2017Re readEach time I reread this book, it speaks to me in a different way, and usually, I gain great comfort from reading this This time, however, comfort is not what happened I read it for that and got the opposite I experienced sorrow and sadness while reading and while I gained comfort at the end because the end is so very glorious any time a wayward child finds their way back to the Savior, it is glorious, whether in print or in real life , it left me with questions about my own li [...]

    • The fifth novel in the mitford Father Tim series does the unthinkable leave Mitford Father Tim has retired and he has been assigned to serve as an interim priest in a small parish in the small island of Whitecap Whitecap is no Mitford although there are quirky and interesting characters, most notably, Morris Love, who is literally and figuratively trapped inside the boondoggle of a house his father built, inside his deformed boy and inside his own self, but he has an amazing gift, his ability to [...]

    • What I thought was going to be a hokey down home yarn turned out to be an inspiring, delightful saga This author has a wonderful way with words and phrases that made me feel like I wanted to remember those words and phrases to use for enjoyment with others.This is a sweet, religious, funny story about every day christians just like me Often I found myself laughing out loud at some situations and the comments made about these events.Enjoyable readI recommend reading this book for just a simple ch [...]

    • I am not too sure what made me pick this one up other than I got a little carried away in the thrift store s 10 for 1.00 book sale I am even uncertain what led me too this one with so many other choices, but it was a sweet book I realized that it was 5th in a series, and generally I try to read series books in order, but found this one easy enough to follow along without knowing the full back story Overall, a very nice book about an older preacher and his retirement to become an interim priest [...]

    • I have read many of Karon s books over the years Her books are a bit like a pair of slippers or your favorite loafers They aren t going to dazzle like your flashy heals, but they sure do feel good on your feet The Mitford series are day to day life in a small town I think that I smile throughout the story, as I read her books and this one is no exception There are always jokes, which cause me to smile or roll my eyes, such as the husband wife store split down the middle, because they couldn t ag [...]

    • This installment of the Mitford Years takes place mostly outside of Mitford but there are still events in Mitford woven into the story and almost all the beloved Mitford characters show up somewhere in the book Mostly the setting is the new place of Father Tim s temporary job as an interim priest New characters are introduced both nice and not so nice, and we are given another interesting little town to love.

    • Public library copy.Another fabulous read by this author This was amazing, that she was able to include all the old parishioners and the new parishioners in the same book My favorites the lady in the Mitford nursing home who sings with Father Tim over the phone Timothy and Cynthia s new neighbor and, of course, Dooley There was an awful lot going on in this book extremely packed with activity and crises Love this series

    • The Mitford Series is fabulous Events in the books can be subtle which is why I think some reviewers call them mild but that doesn t mean they are not heart breaking or tragic Jan Karon stirs the reader s emotional intelligence and compassion to create depth and a very satisfying read I adore these books.

    • It was ok Very predictable The ending seemed to rush everything The hermit was a hermit through the whole book and then all of a sudden in the last few pages he was the church organist and came out of his shell But there was no explanation Weird.

    • I read a few chapters, but never could get into this book It went on and on about their preparation to leave Mitford and didn t resolve early on the kids that they helped out The backwoods language of some of the characters made it difficult to get through.

    • So far this book is my favorite of the Mitford series A new view of a new place I like variety and a change of scenery and this book appeals to that love Also it is refreshing to read a different view of life amid today s constant strife that deals with strife in a positive way.

    • I love all the Mitford Series books by Jan Karon, and I especially love listening to them If you want a light reading, feel good sort of book then I really recommend this series Normally I avoid long series of books, but this is my exception.

    • Another great installment from the Mitford Series This series has been my charming, easy summer read I don t think I ll finish them before summer is over

    • Once again these books have me laughing, crying, on the edge of my seat, and earnestly desiring to draw closer to the Throne of Grace I love this series

    • Great book Father Tim and Cynthia move to Whitecap on a temporary assignment after he retires from full time pastoring They enjoy the new parish, especially the beach They get to know the people and do what they can to help out They take in a young boy whose mother is in the hospital They help a recluse neighbor The survive a storm and help the town rebuild I am really enjoying the Mitford Series I hope to finish the series this year.Here are some favorite quotes and some comments about them The [...]

    • THIS SUMMARY REVIEW WAS COPIED FROM OTHER SOURCES AND IS USED ONLY AS A REMINDER OF WHAT THE BOOK WAS ABOUT FOR MY PERSONAL INTEREST ANY PERSONAL NOTATIONS ARE FOR MY RECOLLECTION ONLY3.5 Fifth in the Father Tim Kavanaugh of Mitford, NC series.The fifth novel in the mitford Father Tim series does the unthinkable leave Mitford Father Tim has retired and he has been assigned to serve as an interim priest in a small parish in the small island of Whitecap Whitecap is no Mitford although there are qu [...]

    • A nice, cozy comfy read It s always nice to read about people caring about each other, being good to each other, and hoping the best for each other.I ve been re reading this series after my mom, but I got to this one first Favorite quotes Seems like I can trust Him with everything but a teenager That s what you ve got t trust im with th most, if you ask me Pour out thy broken heart at His feet let thy soul flow over in His presence, and I tell thee He cannot cast thee away Charles Spugeon Someti [...]

    • Really enjoyed this 5th of the Mitford series Took Father Tim and Cynthia to a small parish on a small island off the Atlantic coast After many sad goodbyes to his Mitford family of friends and Dooley, they ventured to their new home where many an assortment of characters did they meet especially ole Morris Love I was on a flight when I finished the book with tears streaming down my face husband asked if it was a sad ending, and I said No, just so very sweet and continued to cry for a while In f [...]

    • This book was beautifully written Father Tim and his wife Cynthia are in what he describes as a sea of change Despite the challenges of his retirement, his leading of a new congregation 600 miles away from Mitford, and problems that his closest family and friends experience in Mitford and his adopted new town of Whitecap, Father Tim holds everything together through his grace and trust in God Karon, as usual, writes with eloquent prose and cites Scripture throughout the book This is a truly hear [...]

    • Finished another chapter of Father Timothy s life and I am so fascinated This series is very entertaining and humbling The series is not always cheery and everything coming up roses but intertwines real life scenarios Praying is a large part of a Father Timothy s life but praying should be a large part of all our lives I cannot wait to re enter Father Timothy s life to see where he is headed.

    • Father Tim has finally retired and he Cynthia are off to do an interim position on an small island, Whitecap On the island is a new parish with new parishioners and it is a new village with new characters However, their hearts, friends and family remain behind in Mitford This leads to competing draws on their lives at times.Great stories with wonderful people and, most importantly, the lesson that faith in God is always the answer.

    • Another beautiful book in the Mitford series Father Tim is retired now, but he is acting as an interim pastor at a beach church, and now holding two parishes in his heart He continues the work of meeting the spiritual needs of the many from the very faithful to those who don t yet realize their need for a Savior I m off to find the last few books in the series now

    • AwesomeI love this book series and am rereading it now This one where Father Tim and Cynthia go to an island is glorious The writing is wonderful I always love how Father Tim has his own internal struggles and works in his own way to overcome them as he reaches out to help others.

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