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The Project By Brian Falkner The Project His life could change the world His death could save it It all started with a book The most boring book in the world So boring that nobody would ever read it The perfect place to hide a terrible secre
  • Title: The Project
  • Author: Brian Falkner
  • ISBN: 9781921529795
  • Page: 329
  • Format: None
  • The Project By Brian Falkner The Project Home Facebook The Project K likes News delivered differently, Sunday to Friday on TEN. The Project Network Ten Join the Project hosts Peter Van Onselen, Lisa Wilkinson, Rove McManus, Katherine Feeney and our guest panellist, comedian Nick Cody as they dissect and digest the daily news and events The Project Feb Join the Project hosts Waleed Aly, Lisa Wilkinson, Peter Helliar and our guests Olivia Newton John and her daughter Chloe Lattanzi Watch The Project Prime Video The Project, in my opinion Bad acting, wardrobe, hairdos, locations, makeup, acting yes, I say it twice One of those first project for everybody, including writers, of course The unbelievable part is that they release just one episode, like if anybody is going to come back looking for the rest later at some point, because we all know is The Project TV Series Feb , With Jesse Mulligan, Kanoa Lloyd, Jeremy Corbett, Josh Thomson The Project is a New Zealand current affairs show hosted by Jesse Mulligan, Kanoa Lloyd and Jeremy Corbett with rotating guest panelists It draws topical and controversial current affairs content as twitter News delivered differently, pm Sunday to Friday on ChannelAU Join the conversation using TheProjectTV Tweets, current page Are you sure you want to view these Tweets Viewing Tweets won t unblock theprojecttv She was unassuming and fiercely strategic, which meant erry body underestimated Pia Miranda when she rocked up on Survivor. The Project Australian TV program The Project The New York Times Aug , The Project The Project is a major initiative from The New York Times observing the th anniversary of the beginning of American slavery It The Project TheBlaze Mar , documentady function adszed sidebar skymove stickymove ad billboardmove ad minibarmove right top The Project Corazon X Captain Fatty s The Project Captain Fatty s X Corazon Cocina State St, Santa Barbara, CA
    The Project By Brian Falkner His life could change the world His death could save it It all started with a book The most boring book in the world So boring that nobody would ever read it The perfect place to hide a terrible secret But now the book has emerged from its hiding place and the world may never be the same.An action packed adventure which will have readers on the edge of their seatFromHis life could change the world His death could save it It all started with a book The most boring book in the world So boring that nobody would ever read it The perfect place to hide a terrible secret But now the book has emerged from its hiding place and the world may never be the same.An action packed adventure which will have readers on the edge of their seatFrom the best selling and award winning author of The Tomorrow Code and BrainjackPerfect for kids who love Alex Rider
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      Brian Falkner Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Project book, this is one of the most wanted Brian Falkner author readers around the world.

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    • I thought this was a well written book, A lot of foreseeable plot twists but a fun read in free time I personally didn t like that other than the two main characters there was not enough backround information on some of the important side characters My recommendation for people to read this would be if you re going to be on a long road trip, or an airplane flight The reason for this is that the book is a good book to sit down and read the whole thing through, because there is no good places to h [...]

    • I ve been feeling guilty for not giving books their fair shake lately So, for this one, I tried to follow the Nancy Pearl rule about quitting on books Which I misremembered Anyway, suffice it to say that I read 70 pages of this book I had high hopes Falkner s previous titles especially Brain Jack have been recommended to me, and I was looking for cool, actiony, boy books with good covers for my January Middle School booktalks The beginning of this book is hooky beyond belief An ominous and also [...]

    • In The Project a boy and his friend feel that the book they were assigned was the most boring book in the world They refused to write the report and the vice principal of the school makes a deal with the boys If the boys can find one list with the book as one of the most boring books, they do not have to write the report They boys cannot find the book on the list, but see that many people have Leonardo s River as the most boring book They also find that a man has offered 2 million dollars for th [...]

    • George Orwell made a good argument about the degradation of the English language in his essay Politics and the English Language, saying It becomes ugly and inaccurate because our thoughts are foolish, but the slovenliness of our language makes it easier for us to have foolish thoughts Such is the case here I can almost feel my brain deteriorating as I read this.The main characters are insufferable fifteen year olds who talk like insufferable fourteen year olds Their dialogue is full of inanity a [...]

    • reviewI read the book The Project by Brian Falkner The book is a mystery book and has 275 pages The main characters in this book were Tommy and Luke They are really good friends but almost seemed like brothers The characters end up finding this super rare book called Leonardo s River They believe it has a secret code for something Tommy and Luke end up getting a little too nosy and get caught They are held hostage with a guy named Mueller who knows what to do with the book and has been looking f [...]

    • Personal Response I think that this book was very creative, the author knew how to make characters develop The plot had one huge plot twist that was interesting I also liked the book because it has to do with the holocaust, and i think that is a interesting subject.I didn t like how the book dragged on I think there was too much information The book is one of the best books i have read.Plot Summary Luke and Tommy are reading the most boring book in the world It was the perfect place to hide the [...]

    • Luke finds himself bored in school and takes to pulling pranks, which results in him being assigned to find the most boring book in the world Which he miraculously, because there is only one in existence, discovers When people start disappearing and three men start chasing him down to get the book, Luke realizes the books holds the instructions to da Vinci s time machine A time machine which a radical remnant of the Nazis has found and is going to use to deliver rudimentary nuclear warhead plans [...]

    • It starts of childish and slow but by about halfway the action picks up and you get into some really interesting ideas I ll try to avoid spoilers, but I really appreciated the incorporation of the historical aspects of the book And I thought there were some very poignant moments Luke s memory retention is a fascinating literary device and very useful, although it can also be a detriment in certain situations The second half of the book is fast paced and engaging I definitely think it makes up fo [...]

    • What if a powerful secret was hidden in the pages of the most boring book ever written That is exactly what this author has created in one of the most amazing books to hit the YA market in a long time Luke and Tommy are young boys who live in Iowa A completely boring world, where the only interesting things they have to do are the pranks they play on others Luke is from New Zealand, ending up in Iowa because of a job his father had to take in order to pay the bills He is very smart In fact, Luke [...]

    • I love books about booksI love books about books secret books, coded books, historical books, books no longer in print, even the most boring book in the world, which is the subject of this story.Brian Falkner has created and crafted an inventive story around Nazi Germany that one could not see coming from the first few chapters depicting the fairly mundane lives of 2 teenage boys living in Iowa It seems that the critics and the public love stories that remind the reader of history and particular [...]

    • This book was certainly interesting Brian Falkner definitely has a unique writing style It didn t draw me in as much as Brain Jack did, but it was enough to keep me reading The main characters, two teenage boys, were funny and realistic I love that I especially love the prank the boys pulled that started out the whole misadventure And then there was something about proving what the most boring book in the world was That was rather amusing Something that I found rather interesting was that one of [...]

    • The project is a fiction novel by Brian Falkner The project is about two friends, Luke and Tommy, who stumble upon a book, known as the most boring book in the world , at first they steal with intentions to retrieve the prize money as it is the only copy left, but later realize the secrets the book has kept for all these years I enjoyed reading this book because the plot line had mystery and suspense and it also put an interesting twist to world war two history I also enjoyed how the book was wr [...]

    • The Project is a really great book I started reading it and absolutely loved reading it The action was at a reasonable pace so I wanted to keep reading but didn t feel like things were rushing or taking too long.I have to be honest that before I read the book I thought German Bad Guys Leonardo Da Vinci makes a cliche book but actually no, I thought the Project was quite original in its ideas and the big secret of Da Vinci s was actually pretty cool.The characters were really cool too They added [...]

    • Tommy and Luke are mischievous high school students who are caught vandalizing a statue of the town s founding father using a toilet seat, toilet paper, duct tape, and a copy of The Last of the Mohicans While trying to prove to the principal that the novel is the most boring book ever written, Luke discovers an article about Leonardo s River, a book written about Leonardo da Vinci that may be the most boring book in history It turns out the book is located in the town s library and may be worth [...]

    • I thought this book was a very good book It was very well written and I could understand what the author was saying throughout the book One reason I liked this book was because of the story line.This book starts out with two middle school boys who got into trouble all the time In the beginning the two buys tepee a statue that has history to their town But these boys were good at heart So even though they got in trouble they still helped out the community Luke and Tommy, the two boys were helping [...]

    • Tommy and Luke get into trouble at school by pranking a statue of the town s hero They are in further trouble by showing disrespect for The Last of the Mohicans The vice principal offers them an out if they can prove the novel is the most boring book as both boys have testified While researching boring books, they find a reference to Leonardo s River When a flood hits the town, lo and behold, this boring and million dollar valuable book turns up in the about to be flooded library After stealing [...]

    • I read The Project by Brain Falkner, and I really enjoyed The book starts off a little slow, but after it begins to pick up, it gets really good I really enjoyed the way Falkner described the action sequences in the book All the action scenes seemed like they were something something you d actually see in a movie, and I found myself having an easy time drawing these scenes in my head The story was also so rich with detail and easy to get into it was so thickly drawn out that I had no problem get [...]

    • It all starts with a boring book Two teenage boys are in trouble for a prank they pulled which included said boring book in the spotlight This book they were assigned to read in school isn t the only boring book in this story though, and what begins as a school project as penance for their prank turns out to be a key to something deadly, in ways than one.Initially The Project was just okay The subject was not super exciting, but it was alright Then you discover it was all just to set things up [...]

    • The book itself wasn t that bad.Okay, yeah it was a bit juvenile and quite frustrating to read.The plot didn t build up that much, and although there were a few surprises and twists, it was quite predictable otherwise.In fact, I m currently trying to decide whether the ending was HELLA GOOOOOD or eh, predictable Both The characters just had it too easy It wasn t straight up Brian Falkner, keep it real, man It took me a while to complete the book bc of the annoying plot.There were a few details, [...]

    • So It turns out that the book about the most boring book in the world is NOT the most boring book in the world though it certainly seemed like it at the beginning But still, it s not the best book i ve ever read Basically, the book is about two boys who find the most boring book in the world hidden in their library, and their subsequent adventures as they try to keep it out of the hands of the bad guys who would use the secrets hidden within to help bring the Nazis into power btw, its set in mod [...]

    • Brian Falkner is creative and inventive in this fair attempt to combine the elements of fast paced The DaVinci Code and Nazi Germany The characters are not well developed, specifically Luke and Tom, or Tom Luke I found myself going back to see if I could better distinguish the two characters while reading, wasn t really possible and I don t think Falkner really cares His main focus was on the plot which was very fast paced and hard to put down at times The major issue I had was believing this en [...]

    • I liked the concept of connecting Leonardo da Vinci a work with WWII and the modern day The story was fine for a young adult novel The boys had personality and their adventure was interesting The conflict with the villain was too simple There really was no apprehension The boys always seemed just out of reach and it made for a predictable ending I did love the writing Falkner uses such vivid images to describe the world around the boys For example, The mountains around them were dancing, and the [...]

    • i read an ARC of this two teenage boys one has a photographic memory the other speaks german are on a quest to prove that the last of the mohicans is the most boring book in the world when they discover an extremely rare book in the basement of a library the next thing they know, they re involved in a plot to travel back in time and change the outcome of WWII i ve heard a lot of really great things about brian falkner, and the premise of the book is interesting, but overall wasn t for me it was [...]

    • Surprisingly good I thought it was just going to overplay the whole genius kid thing but it turned out to be quite amazing It was a nice touch that the main character is treated as a side kick in his own story but I guess that s why I like it One of the things I love about the whole sidekick thing is that his not jealous of him or planning to take his ego down They were just two friends with different personalities that complemented one another This book was stressing me out in the middle becaus [...]

    • So I waited too long to write this review and I cannot remember everything I loved about this book, but know that I really did like this This book has crazy plot twists and the story grew into something so unexpected that I really can t say what it s even about I would recommend going into this without knowing anything because I didn t quite understand what was supposed to happen, but yet it turned into something really amazing The two main characters are the sweetest little boys and I want to p [...]

    • This book is one of my favorites because the topic of time travel is very mysterious and strange and just begs questions For instance, why is the book in the story so important What is strange about The Project is it starts out being about Ohio and ends being about Nazi Germany and time travel This book is a little short also and a little strange My takeaway is don t pretend to be what you are not it may land you in hot water This book is about two kids who steal a library book that holds secre [...]

    • The Project, by Brian Falkner, is a great book It is about two boys who are very adventurous and into spying They are helping move books in the library because of flooding Then one of the boys saw a book that they read about being the most boring book in the world It was worth two million dollars In this exciting book you can see weather they can get the book, and eventually even save the world I would recommend the book to people interested in science fiction and people who like a good book Mak [...]

    • This is the second book by this local author I ve read and it didn t disappoint It s a YA novel and reads towards the junior end of that spectrum but that doesn t prevent it from being a good fast read, with an interesting plot.I always get a kick too when a Kiwi kid is instrumental in saving the day and all the references to local culture etc It s one I d recommend to 10 12 and adults.

    • Lucas and Tom, two curios kids, are assigned to go and find The most boring book in the world But they were stopped by a library by Muller, a Neo Nazi, who was saying that the book had the power to travel back in time So they were taken to a German facility so they couldn t tell anybody that Muller was planning on going back in time to make Hitler win the war Then Lucas and Tom use the book to follow him back in time to try and stop hitler.

    • YA novel aimed firmly at boys Thrilling action, amazing feats, really REALLY bad guys This will be popular For me, some of the characters seemed a bit two dimensional and at least one key encounter wasn t ever explained, but those are minor quibbles My passionate reader will enjoy this book but so will reluctant readers I didn t think it came close to the standard of the excellent The Tomorrow Code, though.

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